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From Jordan Zimmerman <>
Subject Re: i think there maybe has a bug in curator framework all version,contians the lasest version(2.8.0),hope to get your reply
Date Fri, 11 Sep 2015 18:27:26 GMT
It certainly looks possible. Please open an issue in Jira for this so that it can be tracked.


On September 10, 2015 at 7:14:44 AM, 阳海涛 ( wrote:

hello,when i use the curatorFramework connnect to zookeeper successed,if the Network instability,it's
occured org.apache.zookeeper.KeeperException$SessionExpiredException:**** error frequently.and
the worst  

case is the curator client could not reconnected the zookeeper server again,unless i restart
my i read the curator source code,i think there has a bug.  

curator version:2.8.0  

code Class:org.apache.curator.HandleHolder  

code method:  

private void internalClose() throws Exception  
ZooKeeper zooKeeper = (helper != null) ? helper.getZooKeeper() : null;  
if ( zooKeeper != null )  
Watcher dummyWatcher = new Watcher()  
public void process(WatchedEvent event)  
zooKeeper.register(dummyWatcher); // clear the default watcher so that no new events get processed
by mistake  

//TODO:i think we should set ConnectionState isConnected=false in here by manualHand,in case
//the old zookeeper instance notified a old event in the interval of dummyWatcher not registed

catch ( InterruptedException dummy )  

hello, everyone,please see the red code,  

first,ConnectionState is isConnected=false,when the red color code will excute but not excuted
, the old zookeeper instance connect to zookeeper server successed, so ConnectionState is
isConnected=true,and then the red code begin excute,but becuase of network not used again,
the new zookeeper instance not success to connect zookeerper server,so i think ConnectionState
is isConnected=true is a invalid state, and the invalid state will cause curator framework
never connect to zookeeper server.please see the code of down:  

code Class:org.apache.curator.ConnectionState  

code method:  

ZooKeeper getZooKeeper() throws Exception  
if ( SessionFailRetryLoop.sessionForThreadHasFailed() )  
throw new SessionFailRetryLoop.SessionFailedException();  

Exception exception = backgroundExceptions.poll();  
if ( exception != null )  
tracer.get().addCount("background-exceptions", 1);  
throw exception;  

boolean localIsConnected = isConnected.get();  
if ( !localIsConnected )  

return zooKeeper.getZooKeeper();  

please see the red code, becuase of the isConnected=true(invalid state),so its cause new reset
zookeeper instance again.  

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