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From Scott Blum <>
Subject Re: Next Steps
Date Mon, 17 Aug 2015 17:10:21 GMT
This is now done, sorry for the delay.  Let me describe the current state
of the world:

CURATOR-215-original, CURATOR-160-original, CURATOR-3.0-old,
CURATOR-3.0-temp - these are the old versions of all the branches, we
should consider pruning them at some point.

CURATOR-215, CURATOR-160, CURATOR-3.0 - these are fixed/rebased versions of
the branches we should stick with.

that has been committed to master that isn't in 3.0 now.

Procedures going forward:

- If you're working on stuff for 2.8 / 2.9, branch from master and
merge/commit to master.

- If you're working on stuff for 3.0, branch from CURATOR-3.0 and
merge/commit to CURATOR-3.0.

- Periodically, we'll want to get master changes into 3.0.  To do this, *check
out CURATOR-3.0*, and merge master into that, then push the result after
fixing conflicts (which should be small / non-existent).  *Don't do it the
other way, don't check out master and merge 3.0 into it.*

For discussion: there is a *3.0-rejects* branch.  One of the commits there
is and added System.out.println that I think we don't want.  The other one
is the work to migrate to fasterxml Jackson.  I think we actually want this
commit on 3.0.  Please take a look and let me know, if we want this commit,
we should cherry-pick it onto 3.0.  I'm happy to do that.

Everything I did should be reversible, so let me know if I screwed anything


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