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From Jordan Zimmerman <>
Subject Re: Review of new release candidate
Date Sat, 20 Apr 2013 22:43:35 GMT
Comments inline:

>- Packaging/Naming (
>   - the project is not curator, it's Apache Curator, so we usually prefix
>apache on the distro
I'll fix this in the next RC. I've renamed the parent project to "apache-curator".

>- best practices is to postfix source with src
>- good practice is to also produce .tar.gz
>- so we are looking at something like :
The name of Zip file is generated by Maven. I can manually change it, but this is the standard

> - it should also extract to a folder that describe the file, that is
> from apache and is still incubating: apache-curator-2.0.0-incubating-src
That it is incubating is listed in the DISCLAIMER file. That should be sufficient.

>- MD5 and SHA1 signature missing
I believe those will come from a true Maven release which I cannot do until we have a repo

>- Types of distributions
>   - I would encourage a binary distribution of curator
>   - Are we not distributing maven binaries either ?
Binary will come out of a standard Maven release. The artifact that I staged is what is built
when I use the provided Apache parent pom:

	mvn -P apache-release package

>- Licensing
>- Looks like you notice should get rid of the Google Guava, Mockito,
>SLF4J, etc in the source distribution, unless you are actually distributing
>class files from some of these dependencies.
I did this already.

>- rat is flagging multiple .confluence files as missing apache headers
As I mentioned, DOXIA doesn't support comments in confluence files so there's nothing I can
do about this.

>- Building
>   - Source distribution fails to build with mvm clean install in mac os
>environment when starting the curator-framework tests
This should be fixed now. Have you tried again?

>- Others
>   - I don't believe curator site should be part of the source release
This is the standard build as specified by -P apache-release.

>- Is there a tag for this release candidate ?
There's the .asc file. I'm not familiar with any other type of tag

>- can't verify signature, have you uploaded your key to a public server ?
As I mentioned earlier, my key is definitely at the public server.

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