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Subject [06/18] git commit: some doc edits
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2014 23:03:10 GMT
some doc edits


Branch: refs/heads/master
Commit: a57be393bab39fcc20b09331cc2a736127885823
Parents: 122476a
Author: randgalt <>
Authored: Mon Jun 9 11:10:16 2014 -0500
Committer: randgalt <>
Committed: Mon Jun 9 11:10:16 2014 -0500

 .../src/site/confluence/configuration.confluence       |  2 +-
 curator-x-rpc/src/site/confluence/reference.confluence |  6 +++---
 curator-x-rpc/src/site/confluence/usage.confluence     | 13 +++++++------
 3 files changed, 11 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)
diff --git a/curator-x-rpc/src/site/confluence/configuration.confluence b/curator-x-rpc/src/site/confluence/configuration.confluence
index 939ee47..56f6cfe 100644
--- a/curator-x-rpc/src/site/confluence/configuration.confluence
+++ b/curator-x-rpc/src/site/confluence/configuration.confluence
@@ -120,7 +120,7 @@ h2. Connection
 h2. Retry
-The retry policy configuration depends on what type is used. There 3 types supported:
+The retry policy configuration depends on what type is used. There are three types supported:
 ||Name||Type||Default Value||Description||
diff --git a/curator-x-rpc/src/site/confluence/reference.confluence b/curator-x-rpc/src/site/confluence/reference.confluence
index a7b1ce5..68c3692 100644
--- a/curator-x-rpc/src/site/confluence/reference.confluence
+++ b/curator-x-rpc/src/site/confluence/reference.confluence
@@ -6,16 +6,16 @@ h2. CuratorService
 ||API||Arguments||Return Value||Description||
 |newCuratorProjection|connectionName|CuratorProjection|Allocates a projection to a configured
CuratorFramework instance in the RPC server. "connectionName" is the name of a [[configured|configuration.html]]
-|closeCuratorProjection|CuratorProjection|void|Close a CuratorProjection. Also closes any
recipes, etc. create for the projection.|
+|closeCuratorProjection|CuratorProjection|void|Close a CuratorProjection. Also closes any
recipes, etc. created for the projection.|
 |pingCuratorProjection|CuratorProjection|void|Keeps the CuratorProjection from timing out.
NOTE: your [[EventService|events.html]] event loop will do this for you.|
 |createNode|CreateSpec|Created path name|Create a ZNode|
 |deleteNode|DeleteSpec|void|Delete a ZNode|
 |getData|GetDataSpec|bytes|Return a ZNode's data|
 |setData|SetDataSpec|Stat|Set a ZNode's data|
-|exists|ExistsSpec|Stat|Check is a ZNode exists|
+|exists|ExistsSpec|Stat|Check if a ZNode exists|
 |getChildren|GetChildrenSpec|List of nodes|Get the child nodes for a ZNode|
 |sync|path and async context|void|Do a ZooKeeper sync|
-|closeGenericProjection|id|void|Closes any projection|
+|closeGenericProjection|id|void|Closes any projection. All projections have an "id" field.
This is the value to pass.|
 |acquireLock|path, maxWaitMs|optional lock projection|Acquire a lock for the given path.
Will wait at most maxWaitMs to acquire the lock. If the acquisition fails, result will be
 |startLeaderSelector|path, participantId, waitForLeadershipMs|LeaderResult|Start a leader
selector on the given path. The instance will be assigned the specified participantId. If
waitForLeadershipMs is non\-zero, the method will block for that amount of time waiting for
 |getLeaderParticipants|leaderProjection|List of Participant|Return the participants in a
leader selector|
diff --git a/curator-x-rpc/src/site/confluence/usage.confluence b/curator-x-rpc/src/site/confluence/usage.confluence
index 36fb04e..047ae5e 100644
--- a/curator-x-rpc/src/site/confluence/usage.confluence
+++ b/curator-x-rpc/src/site/confluence/usage.confluence
@@ -72,15 +72,16 @@ h2. Usage
 Once initialized, use recipes/APIs as needed. Here is an example of using the lock recipe:
-optionalLockId = client.acquireLock(curatorProjection, "/mylock", 10000)
-if optionalLockId.lockProjection == null {
+optionalLock = client.acquireLock(curatorProjection, "/mylock", 10000)
+if optionalLock.lockProjection == null {
     // lock attempt failed. Throw exception, etc.
-lockId = optionalLockId.lockProjection
+lockProjection = optionalLock.lockProjection
-// you now own the lock
+    // you now own the lock
+    client.closeGenericProjection(curatorProjection,
 Here is an example of using the path cache:

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