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From "Cheema, Hasan A." <HChe...@verisk.com>
Subject bodylaterality and bodyside missing
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2016 16:13:08 GMT

I am running a sample sentence through the CVD using the AggregatePlaintextFastUMLSProcessor
AE but am missing certain annotations. The sample sentence I used is:

"On 1/28/14, cortisone injections were provided for the left knee."

The output contains 7 identified annotations. For the org.apache.ctakes.typesystem.type.textsem.ProcedureMention
output, the procedure is correctly identified as "infusion of cortisone" in the preferred
text field but I can't find any more information for the procedure. The startTime, bodySide,
bodyLocation, and bodyLaterality values are all <null>. I would like to know that this
procedure was performed on the left knee on 1/28/14. Where in the output can I find that information?



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