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From harshad <hegde.hars...@marshfieldclinic.org>
Subject Smoking pipeline
Date Thu, 04 Jun 2015 22:04:12 GMT
Hello All,

I am trying to use the Smoking Pipeline using the User version (3.2.2).
The following is the configuration I use:

Descriptor: ../apache-ctakes-3.1.1/desc/ctakes-
Input Directory: an input folder with test data
Analysis Engines: SimulatedProdSmokingTAE.xml 
(in the ctakes-smoking-status folder)
CAS Consumers: FIleWriterCasConsumer.xml

This worked perfectly in v3.1.1 but now it is giving me an error : 

of CAS processor with name "SimulatedProdAggregateTAE" failed.
CausedBy: org.apache.uima.resource.ResourceConfigurationException:Initialization
of CAS Processor with name "SimulatedProdAggregateTAE" failed.
CausedBy: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: URI is not hierarchical'

Am I missing something?
Thanks in advance,

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