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From "Morse, Richard E.,MGH" <REMO...@mgh.harvard.edu>
Subject Error with UMLS authorization?
Date Thu, 14 May 2015 16:00:31 GMT
Hi! I’m looking at cTAKES to help us with an abstraction problem. I downloaded the 3.2.1
install, and followed the instructions in the 3.2 User Install Guide to the best of my ability,
and I’ve run into a problem.

I have applied for a UMLS username and password, and having received them, I added them to
the `runctakesCVD.sh` file. (I’m running Mac OS X 10.10, Java 8.) When I try to process
the sample provided in the user guide, I get the error:

14 May 2015 11:41:16 ERROR UmlsUserApprover - UMLS Account at https://uts-ws.nlm.nih.gov/restful/isValidUMLSUser
is not valid for user ***** with *****

(credentials obscured)

I have verified the user name and password in several ways (using copy and paste, logging
into the website, and then running the query directly against https://uts-ws.nlm.nih.gov/restful/isValidUMLSUser
with the (copied and pasted from the `runctakesCVD.sh` file)). According to all the ways I
can verify, the account is active.

Has anyone run into this? Is there something that I’m missing?


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