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From Abhishek Srivastava <abhis...@gmail.com>
Subject Getting Started with CTAKES
Date Sun, 05 Apr 2015 06:51:59 GMT
I have already searched the archive of this mailing list however if this
question is duplicate then please don't flame me.

I have some experience with NLTK in Python. I have gone through some of the
basic literature on natural language processing.

Using NLTK I can perform entity extraction pretty easily.

My questions are

1. is there a tutorial available on CTAKES from a development perspective.
I need to use the API to perform entity extraction. (i need exact APIs).

2. How can someone build a custom corpus with CTAKES. I know it works in
medical context but my use case is even narrower (like text related to

Also, lastly, is there anyone on this mailing list in Dallas region I would
love to meet you in person.


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