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From Tol O. <tol...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Package for use with Solr
Date Tue, 10 Feb 2015 17:34:43 GMT
> post.gmane.org
Hi James,

I am attempting a very similar same task as you did with Solr and cTAKES, 
at first also just wanting the UIMAUpdateRequestProcessor to map the 
results from desired fields into Solr as a starting point.

Following the tutorials, I got the Solr and UIMA example to work for me.

Did you do this write up of the steps on how to get solr to work with cTAKES
as planned?

It would be much appreciated to by me, even if they are just short writeups. 

Tol O.

Vogel, James <JVogel@...> writes:

> Thanks for the guidance.  Making it an absolute path in the desc xml file
worked.  I'm still trying to figure
> out what's wrong with my classpath / class loader.  It may be a bug in the
solr implementation I'm using. 
> Assuming I get this working I'll write up the steps to run with solr as
the end of this thread.
> Now I'm getting ClassNotFoundException:
> org.apache.ctakes.core.resource.SuffixMaxentModelResourceImpl.  I don't
see this class in the
> distribution.  Was SuffixMaxentModelResourceImpl removed?
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> From: Pei Chen [mailto:chenpei@...]
> Sent: Thursday, September 05, 2013 10:39 AM
> To: user@...
> Subject: Re: Package for use with Solr
> James,
> Ensure that dir is in your classpath. To test out the theory, try
> making that path an {absolute_path} instead of res.
> Note, if you're trying to run this under a servlet container, the
> webapp could have a different class loader than the container.

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