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From EM Gladiators <emgladiat...@gmail.com>
Subject verifying UMLS credentials in ctakes
Date Sat, 20 Sep 2014 17:58:09 GMT
Hi all,

I am new to ctakes and am trying to get up and running with using my UMLS
credentials.  I have modified the runctakesCVD.sh and runctakesCPE.sh files
(see copied text below).  I don't think the syntax is correct and I have
tried many different options.  I uncommented the code and substituted my
real username and passwords.  However when I run ctakes it does not appear
to be using my credentials.  Is there anyway to confirm that I am
successfully authenticated using my UMLS credentials?  Is the syntax
incorrect?  Thank you

James Foster

# Requires JAVA JDK 1.6+
# If you plan to use the UMLS Resources, set/export env variables
# export ctakes.umlsuser=jamesfoster, export ctakes.umlspw=Phantom9
# or add the properties
*-Dctakes.umlsuser=jamesfoster -Dctakes.umlspw=******

while [ -h "$PRG" ]; do
  ls=`ls -ld "$PRG"`
  link=`expr "$ls" : '.*-> \(.*\)$'`
  if expr "$link" : '/.*' > /dev/null; then
    PRG=`dirname "$PRG"`/"$link"
PRGDIR=`dirname "$PRG"`

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