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From Natalia Connolly <natalia.v.conno...@gmail.com>
Subject Running cTAKES with a custom Lucene index?
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2014 14:35:58 GMT
Hi All,

   I was wondering if anyone has succeeded in making cTAKES v.3.0 or higher
use a custom Lucene index?  I've made a Lucene index using a code that's
modeled on CreateLuceneIndexFromDelimitedFile.java.  I can browse it fine
with Luke 4.0.0.

   I thought simply pointing out that index to
DictionaryLookupAnnotatorLucene (in IndexDirectory) would be sufficient,
but it does not work.  Depending on the sequence of analysis engines I use
in runctakesCPE.sh, I get different errors.


1. AggregatePlaintextUMLSProcessor +  DictionaryLookupAnnotatorLucene
Error: in DictionaryLookupAnnotatorLucene, unable to find external resource
with key:DbConnection (why would a db connection be needed for reading a
Lucene index??)

2. AggregatePlaintextProcessor + DictionaryLookupAnnotatorLucene,
Error: in DictionaryLookupAnnotatorLucene, unable to find external resource
with key:UmlsIndexReader

3. AggregatePlaintextProcessor + UmlsDictionaryLookupAnnotator +
DictionaryLookupAnnotatorLucene, get RxnormIndexreader does not implement

Error: UmlsDictionaryLookupAnnotator/RxnormIndexReader does not implement
the required interface

  I tried various other combinations of engines, and got a number of
different errors, mostly variations of the above.

   If anyone managed to make cTAKES use a custom Lucene index, suggestions
would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you!


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