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From Prasanna Bala <balkiprasanna1...@gmail.com>
Subject cTakes drug ner problems..
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2014 05:27:56 GMT
I have list of doubts to be asked.

a) Can anyone help me with drug ner module ? I have downloaded and
integrated the UMLS corpus with cTakes. But when I run the drug ner module
for DrugAggregatePlantextUMLSProcessor.xml, I am not able to detect the

b) Also I am getting lots of false positives like "performed" as
medication. Can anyone help me with the problem. Also when I load the xml
DrugAggregateCDAUMLSProcessor.xml, I am getting problem following problem.
"org.apache.uima.analysis_engine.AnalysisEngineProcessException"/ Is this
because of UMLS or something ?

c) How secured it is when we authenticate for UMLS credentials with our
documents ? Will my data be shared ?

d) Also does cTakes also use ICD9 tagging ? I am not able to see clear
documentation. But if we need can I contribute for this.

e) For classification problem, have anyone tried using classifier from
other machine learning libraries and then add-on plugin to the cTakes.

I have so many clarifications to be solved. Can I post them frequently ?
How often can I ask questions on the average ?


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