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From "Vlad Valtchinov" <vlad.valtchi...@gmail.com>
Subject RadLex as dictionary in cTakes
Date Sat, 04 Jan 2014 21:03:47 GMT
Hello All-


best wishes for a good 2014.


I have a question about using a radiology-related ontology,

RadLex, in cTakes. If somebody out there has imported and used in 

processing radiology reports we'd like to hear from them to share

their experience.


A couple of specific questions:


1.      what are the pros and cons of implementing RadLex as a custom
dictionary, or as a part of UMLS-sanctioned ontology 

even though it is not yet part of UMLS but it is part of NCI's Metathesaurus

2.      what would be a the preferred way to import it in cTakes - via an
RRF upload, or other custom format

3.      could one take a NCImThesaurus download from NCI and use it to
import RadLex

4.      in a recent discussion regarding difference between custom
dictionaries and UMLS imported ontologies 

"How to augment/modify UMLS resources?" it looks like cTakes would actually
process the note once for the UMLS

supplied resources and once for the (each?) custom dictionary, if i
understand this correctly. Wouldn't it then be very

inefficient to have multiple custom dictionaries, as opposed to try to
maximize the UMLS ones? Any difference in 

the YTex behavior (VJ, please chime in)   


More generally, what are the pros and cons of using all of i.e. the UMLS
Metathesaurus (or the NCImThesaurus) as

ontology dictionaries in cTakes, apart from licensing issues?




Brigham rad




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