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From giri vara prasad nambari <girinamb...@gmail.com>
Subject UIMAFit and cTakes
Date Sun, 14 Apr 2013 21:33:55 GMT
Hi Community,

I am trying to write a simple java client program using UIMAFit and ctakes.

I have added all jars come with UIMAFit and ctakes specific jars from
ctakes lib to my eclipse project --->Java build path--->libraries.

Sample code I have is *(This is compiling fine, but runtime issue due to
path is not valid for AnalysisEngineDescription):*
TypeSystemDescription typeSystemDescription = TypeSystemDescriptionFactory
List<AnalysisEngineDescription> engines = new
 List<String> componentNames = new ArrayList<String>();

AnalysisEngineDescription engine = AnalysisEngineFactory
"", "");
 AnalysisEngine aggregateAE = AnalysisEngineFactory.createAggregate(
engines, componentNames, typeSystemDescription, null,
 new SofaMapping[0]);

One thing I am little confused here is,

1) Do I need to add ctakes resources some where in my eclipse project? If
so, how? Attached screenshot of the jars I have in build path.

2) What should be descPath in following code ( I figured that this should
be path for whatever the AE (like ctakes-clinical-pipeline) we would like
to use, but I am not clear on how could I get this desc into my project.

AnalysisEngineDescription engine = AnalysisEngineFactory
.createAnalysisEngineDescription("descPath", "", "");

any inputs would be really appreciated.

Thanks for your time and help.

Thank you,

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