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From "Murphy, Sean P." <Murphy.S...@mayo.edu>
Subject RE: Regarding Assertion Tagger
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2012 18:58:56 GMT
I was able to see an issue with the 'PAD term spotter' which will most likely be related to
the problem you're seeing with the smoking status as well.    The problem seems to have  stemmed
from the reorganization of the path structures with the latest cTAKES  release.  Due to time
and resource constraints we were not able to test each project independently.   

I will open a bug report against these problems and provide a fix as soon as possible.  I
will keep you posted, but I hope to have this resolved in a few days.

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Subject: Re: Regarding Assertion Tagger

You were looking in the right place Deepal! The "cTAKES 2.5 Component Use Guide" (the link
at the bottom of your email) has a link to more information about the assertion module.

Assertion module info:


I'm not familiar with the peripheral artery disease spotter or the simulated prod smoking
tae.  So I'll let someone else chime in there.


On 2012-11-15 13:11 , "Deepal Dhariwal" <deepaldhariwal@gmail.com> wrote:

>Hello Matt,
>Thanks for your reply. I am using cTAKES-2.5.0 Binary Version which I 
>have downloaded from 
> I have gone through the cTAKES documentation however no where was it 
>mentioned that polarity / uncertainty properties are on Entity Mention. 
>In order to avoid sending repeated mails to the mailing list could you 
>tell me if there is some other documentation as well ? I am trying to 
>use Peripheral Artery Disease Spotter , however it returns only 
>document annotation. Further even the SimulatedProdSmokingTAE Annotator 
>returns smoking status 'unknown' for every input. Is there some order 
>in which these annotator need to be executed (Reference :
>https://wiki.nci.nih.gov/display/VKC/cTAKES+2.5+Component+Use+Guide )
>Thanks for clarifying the user list email id.
>Deepal Dhariwal
>On Thu, Nov 15, 2012 at 12:48 PM, Coarr, Matt <mcoarr@mitre.org> wrote:
>> FYI, the user list is ctakes-user (singular).  I've corrected the CC.
>> The polarity/conditional/uncertainty properties are on EntityMention 
>> and EventMention.
>> Are you using a current development copy of ctakes (from apache svn 
>> or from 3.0 RC2)?
>> If not, what version of ctakes are you using?  Version number? 
>> Binary, source zip, or source from svn?
>> Matt

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