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From WP Roshan <suno...@gmail.com>
Subject An import could not be resolved. No .xml file with name "desc/analysis_engine/AggregatePlaintextUMLSProcessor" was found in the class path or data path. (Descriptor: <unknown>)
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2016 10:45:33 GMT
Hi All,

Does anyone knows how to load AggregatePlaintextUMLSProcessor.xml as stream
using getAsStream method specified in following best practices link.


Example :

I wanted to deploy "ctakes-clinical-pipeline" package as a standalone
console app. then I created runnable jar with all the resources are packed
into jar.

This is how I ran the jar in Windows with run-time arguments
java -cp "%CTAKES_HOME%/desc/;%CTAKES_HOME%/resources/;%CTAKES_HOME%/lib/*"
-Dlog4j.configuration=file:/%CTAKES_HOME%/config/log4j.xml -Xms512M -Xmx3g
-jar ctakes-3.1.0-clinical-pipeline-runnable-pack.jar input.txt
C:/xmi-ouput-directory ouput.txt

I got following error : -

Caused by: org.apache.uima.util.InvalidXMLException: An import could not be
resolved.  No .xml file with name
"desc/analysis_engine/AggregatePlaintextUMLSProcessor" was found in the
class path or data path. (Descriptor: <unknown>)

ctakes-3.1.0 :-


in the above file I want to replace bellow code line

AnalysisEngineDescription pipelineIncludingUmlsDictionaries =

with :-

 InputStream filename =

I want this to be solved in cTakes 3.1.0 because cTakes 3.1.0
"ctakes-clinical-pipeline" produce
xmi file with  types:Concept & conceptText attributes but cTakes 3.2.3
doesn't provide concept type tag it's only provide

refsem:UmlsConcept tag by using cTakes 3.2.3 it's harder to find-out
concepts ( I know cui="C0016504" and tui="T023" there but it's easy to
find-out concepts using cTakes 3.1.0 )

cTakes-3.1.0 produced xmi file concept tag example

<types:Concept xmi:id="16651" sofa="1" begin="1204" end="1234"
conceptType="PROBLEM" conceptText="subacute combined degeneration"
externalId="0" originalEntityExternalId="11910"/>
<types:Concept xmi:id="16659" sofa="1" begin="1222" end="1234"
conceptType="PROBLEM" conceptText="degeneration" externalId="0"
<refsem:UmlsConcept xmi:id="11345" codingScheme="SNOMED"
code="168490008" oid="168490008#SNOMED" cui="C0022885" tui="T059"/>
<refsem:UmlsConcept xmi:id="11422" codingScheme="SNOMED"
code="6322000" oid="6322000#SNOMED" cui="C0022885" tui="T059"/>

cTakes-3.2.3 produced xmi file concept tag example

<refsem:UmlsConcept xmi:id="21538" codingScheme="SNOMED"
code="56459004" oid="56459004#SNOMED" score="0.0"
disambiguated="false" cui="C0016504" tui="T023"/>
<refsem:UmlsConcept xmi:id="21342" codingScheme="SNOMED"
code="123169005" oid="123169005#SNOMED" score="0.0"
disambiguated="false" cui="C0015385" tui="T023"/>

How do I achieve this ? how do I load resources as stream rather than
accessing resources as a file  ?



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