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From "Savova, Guergana" <Guergana.Sav...@childrens.harvard.edu>
Subject RE: cTAKES false positives, case-insensitivity
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2016 15:41:51 GMT
This is the very interesting topic of Word Sense Disambiguation. Currently there are no generalizable
large scale solutions for it... One can in a way "hack" it if the domain is constrained, e.g.
if your extraction focuses on use of hearing aids, you can have a rule that says if hearing
in proximity of aid/aids, then tag it with the code for a hearing aid and remove all other
ontology mappings.

In general, the topic makes an excellent candidate for a PhD thesis work.

Hope this helps.

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From: Tomasz Oliwa [mailto:oliwa@uchicago.edu] 
Sent: Wednesday, June 1, 2016 11:28 AM
To: dev@ctakes.apache.org
Subject: cTAKES false positives, case-insensitivity


I have encountered false positives annotated with cTAKES that seem to come from case-insensitivity
of the annotation lookup, such as:

Pt uses hearing aids. -> "aids" is found as DiseaseDisorderMention cui=C0001175, Acquired
Immunodeficiency Syndrome

Pt values are all stable. -> "all" is found as DiseaseDisorderMention cui=C1961102, Precursor
Cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia Lymphoma"

Are there ways in cTAKES to approach or to resolve such issues?

How do you deal with such false positives, so that they are not matched?


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