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From "Abramowitsch, Peter" <pabramowit...@hearst.com>
Subject Problems initializing new Annotator
Date Tue, 21 Jun 2016 15:20:02 GMT
Help --  I need  suggestions for where else to look for a problem adding a
new annotation engine to a pipeline.  I've Run out of ideas.

New Annotator is a UimaTokensRegex which builds an annotation called
Here is where I've gotten to:

* Created Cas description of Engine import a TypeSystem file defining
* Generated the classes
* Analysis Engine can be created with this Annotator
* Type System is being parsed.  I can verify this because, when I change
the name of the file, it complains
* I can add engine to the fastUMLSPipeline or post-run it's process(jCas)
on its own 
* The functionality of the Annotator is definitely brought into play

When the annotation is about to be written and I do this:


I get this exception:

	"JCas type "com.hbm.MultiWordTermOccurrence" used in Java code,  but was
not declared in the XML type descriptor."


* Class MultiWordTermOccurrence has definitely been referenced during
initialization, and I can step through the casRegister() code.
* I get back a typeIndex of 253
* But at annotation time, when I look at JCas' typeArray[253]  it is null.
* There seem to be two class loaders for my jCas and I can't figure out why

PROBLEM  I have noticed that the constructor of
MultiWordTermOccurrence_Type is never being called.   I can see that the
CasImpl code at getType(int i)  provides for lazily doing that if it
wasn't done before, but the code seems to think the _Type object doesn't
need building.

I've tried different ways of initializing the pipeline, I've tried
different versions of the uima code (ctakes uses 2.4.0 and I tried uima
I've tried building the typesystem into the engine file
Tried changing names of XML resources to make sure the correct ones are
being consumed.

I know this is more of a UIMA problem than a CTAKES problem, but was
wondering if any special modifications have been made to the
initialization code in CTAKES' bundled UIMA that require a special or
different construction of the engine

If I comment out the call to process of the extra annotator engine,
everything works fine.

Any suggestions of where else to look?

----------  SNIPPETS of relevant code -------
XMLInputSource in = new
        ResourceSpecifier specifier =
        return UIMAFramework.produceAnalysisEngine(specifier);

_tkregexae = buildTokensRegex();
		_aed = getFastPipeline();
		_aae = createEngine(_aed);

Type type = jCas.getCasType(MultiWordTermOccurrence.typeIndexID);  <----
where it blows up
		AnnotationFS annotation = jCas.getCas().createAnnotation(type ,
		MultiWordTermOccurrence a = (MultiWordTermOccurrence) annotation;
		StringArray patternFeature = new StringArray(jCas, occ.size());

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