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From Peter Kl├╝gl <peter.klu...@averbis.com>
Subject Re: Combining Knowledge- and Data-driven Methods for De-identification of Clinical Narratives
Date Thu, 08 Oct 2015 12:05:58 GMT

I can offer my help here if required.

I have experience in translating JAPE rules to UIMA Ruta and already
worked with clinical notes, e.g., also concerning deidentification.

The problem is that I can only invest a few hours in the next two weeks.
I will have more time next month or even more next year.

What is the current status and procedure? Is there an explicit
contribution to cTAKES? Is there an ICLA? What about the license of the
sourceforge project?



Am 01.10.2015 um 16:20 schrieb Pei Chen:
> Hi Azad,
> This is awesome news.  Thanks for adding in the code that was
> referenced by the paper.  I'll create a Jira to track we need to port
> it over to UIMA/Ruta.
> In the meantime, the link is at:
> http://sourceforge.net/p/clinical-deid/code/ci/master/tree/ for those
> who may be interested in helping out...
> --Pei
> Hello Pei,
> I hope all is well.
> I have now uploaded the source code for cDeid
> (http://sourceforge.net/p/clinical-deid/code/ci/master/tree/) ; I have
> tried to make the code as portable and modular as possible with some
> trade-off for performance. This should help with porting the code to
> Once you let the community know I will try to get involved to help
> with translating JAPE to RUTA, etc.
> Best,
> Azad

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