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From "Finan, Sean" <Sean.Fi...@childrens.harvard.edu>
Subject RE: code value for vocabulary in dic-lookup-fast
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2014 13:42:41 GMT
Hi Harpreet,

I don't know if this has yet been answered (I'm still finding vacation-time emails), but the
Snomed-ct, Rx-norm, etc. codes were removed from the -fast dictionary for speed.  Basically,
any single UMLS Cui can have multiple different snomed-ct codes (for instance), and adding
extra rows per-code leads to a lot of waste.  A post- Cui assignment step could be performed
to assign non-unique snomed-ct codes (for instance) to discovered unique Cuis.  I am actually
(slowly) conceptualizing an annotator that does just that - mapping Cuis to other source codes.
 It would be an optional annotator, lean and fast.  No promise on a date for startup code
in sandbox.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Harpreet Khanduja [mailto:hsk5004@rit.edu]
> Sent: Friday, July 25, 2014 2:33 PM
> To: dev@ctakes.apache.org
> Subject: code value for vocabulary in dic-lookup-fast
> Hello,
> I am using ctakes-dictionary-lookup-fast to annotation purposes.
> But, there is no value for
> "code"  attribute like it was there when I used ctakes-dictionary-lookup.
> Is there any way I can find out the code attribute value using ctakes-dictionary-
> lookup-fast?
> Thank you so much for the help,
> Harpreet
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