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From Andrew McMurry <andrew.mcmu...@invitae.com>
Subject Proposal: Using JIRA to track and request changes to documentation
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2013 19:33:23 GMT
Hi all 
I'll have an update about the VM situation shortly (positive news) but in the meantime I propose
a new issue type in JIRA: doc. 

The ctakes docs are very good, and James deserves a lot of credit. 	
User docs are as important as code, sometimes even more so. 
It is therefore appropriate to track how documentation is being updated with release versions.

Example of DOC issues worth tracking in JIRA: 
* "Confluence home page still refers to version 3.0 by default" 
* "User FAQ should state recommended JVM memory size" 
* "User FAQ should point to UMLS setup instructions" 

As an added benefit, each time we do a release we can see if the docs need to be updated accordingly.

I am *NOT* proposing that every change to documentation requires a JIRA ticket. 
But we should have a mechanism to record doc issues. 

Do you agree with the proposal? 

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