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From "Masanz, James J." <Masanz.Ja...@mayo.edu>
Subject [RESULT] [VOTE] Release Apache cTAKES 3.1.1
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2013 15:51:56 GMT

More than 72 hours has passed. The vote for Apache cTAKES 3.1.1 *passes* [1] with 6  +1 votes
  (6 binding)

+1 (binding)
Pei Chen
Britt Fitch
James Masanz
Andrew McMurry
Murali Nagendranath
Karthik Sarma

There were no -1 or +0 votes cast.

I will be publishing the release, then will announce the release as soon as artifacts will
be available.

Thanks to everyone who participated!
-- James Masanz

[1] http://markmail.org/message/2ijvel35u5ppiyw4

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Sent: Friday, November 29, 2013 1:53 PM
To: dev@ctakes.apache.org
Subject: [VOTE] Release Apache cTAKES 3.1.1

Hi all,

This is a call for a vote on releasing the following candidate (rc2) as Apache cTAKES 3.1.1.

This release includes mainly fixes to 3.1.0. It also includes  CTAKES-257 - utilities to turn
dependency graphs into SimpleTree

For more detailed information on the changes/release notes, please visit:

The release was made using the cTAKES release process documented here: 

The candidate is available at:

The tag to be voted on:

The MD5 checksum of the tarball can be found at:

The signature of the tarball can be found at:

Apache cTAKES' KEYS file, containing the PGP keys used to sign the release:

Please vote on releasing these packages as Apache cTAKES 3.1.1. The vote is open for at least
the next 72 hours.
Only votes from the cTAKES PMC are binding, but folks are welcome to check the release candidate
and voice their approval or disapproval. 
The vote passes if at least three binding +1 votes are cast.

[ ] +1 Release the packages as Apache cTAKES 3.1.1 
[ ] -1 Do not release the packages because...

Also, the convenience binary can be found at:


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