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From "Wu, Stephen T., Ph.D." <Wu.Step...@mayo.edu>
Subject Re: Assertion module
Date Thu, 15 Aug 2013 15:48:01 GMT
Hi chase,

>pipeline, which calls the Assertion module.  I noticed that for something
>like ³Anna¹s father has had knee pain for years², the subject attribute
>gets set to family_member.  Is it possible to be more specific?
See below.

>does it assume that the subject of every statement is the patient unless
>the phrase suggests otherwise?

>If the possible values are specified by the
>prefix ATTR_SUBJECT_ in edu.mayo.bmi.uima.core.type.constants.CONST, is it
>possible to meaningfully change them?
CONST does indeed include all the possible values.  It is possible to
rewrite the Subject annotator in the assertion module such that other
values can be assigned.  However, you would be working without
"meaningful" evaluation on its accuracy.  In other words, if you assign
"family_member" we have human-annotated cases of what that looks like, but
if we come up with a new method to assign "father" we have no way to
figure out whether we're doing a good job or not.

>Also, the value of ³confidence² is set by the assertion module.  Is the
>score referencing the assignment of subject, or whether it¹s generic, or
>the polarity, or other attributes?
I believe the "confidence" number was intended to be for the named entity
recognition (ctakes-dictionary-lookup). The newer version of assertion (in
trunk but not the default in ctakes-clinical-pipeline) does not assign
this value.  Matt Coarr -- any comments on what the medfacts version does?



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