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From chen...@apache.org
Subject svn commit: r1727379 [2/3] - in /ctakes/sandbox/ctakes-clinical-deid/src/main: resources/wordlists/ ruta/org/apache/ctakes/deid/
Date Thu, 28 Jan 2016 15:08:27 GMT

Modified: ctakes/sandbox/ctakes-clinical-deid/src/main/resources/wordlists/profession.txt
URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/ctakes/sandbox/ctakes-clinical-deid/src/main/resources/wordlists/profession.txt?rev=1727379&r1=1727378&r2=1727379&view=diff
--- ctakes/sandbox/ctakes-clinical-deid/src/main/resources/wordlists/profession.txt (original)
+++ ctakes/sandbox/ctakes-clinical-deid/src/main/resources/wordlists/profession.txt Thu Jan 28 15:08:27 2016
@@ -71918,3 +71918,35963 @@ zinc worker
 zoo director
 zoo keeper
 zumba instructor
+1 technician
+2a technician
+2b technician
+3d artist
+3d designer
+abattoir foreman
+abattoir manager
+abattoir operative
+abattoir worker
+above ground worker
+abrasive goods maker
+abrasive moulder
+abrasive paper maker
+abrasive wheel moulder
+academic adviser
+academic coordinator
+academic director
+academic manager
+academic registrar
+acceptance house manager
+access officer
+accident investigator
+accident prevention officer
+accommodation manager
+accommodation officer
+accommodations manager
+accommodations officer
+accommodation warden
+accordion pleater
+account administrator
+accountancy assistant
+accountancy clerk
+accountancy consultant
+accountant's assistant
+accountant's clerk
+account assistant
+account clerk
+account controller
+account coordinator
+account director
+account executive
+account handler
+accounting consultant
+accounting group manager
+accounting machinist
+accounting supervisor
+accounting technician
+account manager
+account representative
+accounts administrator
+accounts assistant
+accounts associate
+accounts clerical assistant
+accounts clerk
+accounts control clerk
+accounts controller
+accounts director
+accounts executive
+accounts handler
+accounts inspector
+accounts investigator
+accounts machinist
+accounts manager
+accounts officer
+accounts payable clerk
+accounts payable manager
+accounts payable supervisor
+accounts payable team leader
+accounts receivable team leader
+accounts representative
+accounts supervisor
+account supervisor
+account technician
+accoutrements maker
+accreditation consultant
+accreditation manager
+accumulator assembler
+accumulator charger
+accumulator former
+accumulator plate maker
+accuracy checking technician
+acetate maker
+acetate spinner
+acetone recoverer
+acetylene burner
+acetylene cutter
+acetylene generator
+acid boiler
+acid burnerman
+acid dipper
+acidifier operator
+acid maker
+acid man
+acid mixer
+acid pan man
+acid plant attendant
+acid plant hand
+acid tester
+acid worker
+acoustics consultant
+acoustics engineer
+acquisition officer
+action assembler
+action machinist
+action maker
+activities coordinator
+activity organiser
+actuarial assistant
+actuarial clerk
+actuarial consultant
+adding machine mechanic
+adding machinist
+additional registrar
+addressing machinist
+addressograph operator
+adhesive mixer
+adjudication officer
+administration assistant
+administration clerk
+administration director
+administration manager
+administration officer
+administration supervisor
+administration worker
+administrative assistant
+administrative engineer
+administrative officer
+administrative superintendent
+administrative worker
+admin manager
+admission officer
+admissions assistant
+admissions clerk
+admissions officer
+adoption officer
+adult education centre teacher
+adult education organiser
+adult education tutor
+adult nurse
+adult protection coordinator
+advanced practitioner
+advanced primary care nurse
+advertisement canvasser
+advertisement contractor
+advertisement fixer
+advertisement hand
+advertisement inspector
+advertisement manager
+advertisement representative
+advertisement sales manager
+advertisement traveller
+advertisement writer
+advertising account manager
+advertising account planner
+advertising assistant
+advertising buyer
+advertising canvasser
+advertising clerk
+advertising consultant
+advertising contractor
+advertising creative copywriter
+advertising creative copy writer
+advertising director
+advertising executive
+advertising inspector
+advertising installer
+advertising manager
+advertising representative
+advertising salesman
+advertising sales manager
+advertising space salesman
+advertising traveller
+advice caseworker
+advice case worker
+advice service manager
+advice worker
+advisory engineer
+advisory officer
+advisory teacher
+advocacy worker
+advocates' clerk
+aerial assembler
+aerial attendant
+aerial engineer
+aerial installer
+aerial rigger
+aerial rope-way man
+aerobics instructor
+aerobics teacher
+aerodrome attendant
+aero engineer
+aero engine fitter
+aerograph decorator
+aerographing decorator
+aerographing stenciller
+aerograph sprayer
+aeronautical adviser
+aeronautical engineer
+aeronautical inspector
+aeronautical stress engineer
+aeroplane pilot
+aerospace engineer
+aerospace engineering technician
+aerospace systems engineer
+after sales consultant
+after sales manager
+aftersales manager
+after school club activities coordinator
+afterschool club supervisor
+ageing machinist
+agency development manager
+agricultural adviser
+agricultural agent
+agricultural chemist
+agricultural consultant
+agricultural contractor
+agricultural craftsman
+agricultural engineer
+agricultural engineering technician
+agricultural fitter
+agricultural inspector
+agricultural labourer
+agricultural machinist
+agricultural mechanic
+agricultural merchant
+agricultural nutritionist
+agricultural officer
+agricultural operative
+agricultural representative
+agricultural scientist
+agricultural sprayer
+agricultural surveyor
+agricultural technician
+agricultural worker
+aid inspector
+air bag fitter
+air bag maker
+air bed inflator
+air bed maker
+air broker
+air cleaning plant attendant
+air compression attendant
+air conditioner
+air conditioning engineer
+air conditioning fitter
+air conditioning installer
+air conditioning plant attendant
+air conditioning technician
+air conditioning tester
+aircraft assembler
+aircraft cleaner
+aircraft designer
+aircraft despatch coordinator
+aircraft despatcher
+aircraft dispatcher
+aircraft electrician
+aircraft engine dismantler
+aircraft engineer
+aircraft engine fitter
+aircraft fitter
+aircraft flight deck officer
+aircraft groomer
+aircraft hand
+aircraft handler
+aircraft inspector
+aircraft instrument fitter
+aircraft joiner
+aircraft loader
+aircraft maintenance engineer
+aircraft marshaller
+aircraft mechanic
+aircraft painter
+aircraft purser
+aircraft refueller
+aircraft refurbisher
+aircraft steward
+aircraft stress engineer
+aircraft support fitter
+aircraft surveyor
+aircraft technician
+aircraft tester
+aircraft worker
+air cushion inflator
+air cushion maker
+air driller
+airfield operator
+air frame fitter
+airframe fitter
+airframe technician
+air hostess
+airline baggage team leader
+airline captain
+airline caterer
+airline customer service agent
+airline engineer
+airline official
+airline pilot
+airline reservation agent
+airline steward
+airline travel centre supervisor
+air marshal
+air pollution inspector
+airport cargo agent
+airport director
+airport hand
+airport information assistant
+airport manager
+airport superintendent
+air pump attendant
+airscrew blades shaper
+air steward
+air traffic control assistant
+air traffic control clerk
+air traffic control design officer
+air traffic controller
+air traffic control officer
+air traffic engineer
+air traffic planner
+air traffic service assistant
+air traffic services assistant
+airway repairer
+alarm engineer
+alarm fitter
+alarm installer
+alexander technique practitioner
+alexander technique teacher
+alkali inspector
+alkali tester
+allocation officer
+allocator clerk
+allowance deliverer
+aloe moulder
+alteration assistant
+alteration cutter
+alteration fitter
+alteration hand
+alternator attendant
+alternator fitter
+aluminium fabricator
+aluminium framer
+aluminium granulator
+aluminium moulder
+aluminium pickler
+aluminium worker
+ambience replenishment controller
+ambient controller
+ambulance attendant
+ambulance builder
+ambulance care assistant
+ambulance control assistant
+ambulance controller
+ambulance crew
+ambulance driver
+ambulance driver-attendant
+ambulance officer
+ambulance paramedic
+ambulance patient carer
+ambulance room attendant
+ambulance room superintendent
+ambulance service make ready operative
+ambulance service preparation operative
+ambulance station attendant
+ambulance technician
+ambulatory care nurse
+amenities officer
+amenity attendant
+amenity block attendant
+ames taper
+ammeter assembler
+ammonia plant attendant
+ammonium chloride maker
+ammunition examiner
+ammunition maker
+ammunition viewer
+ammunition worker
+ampoule filler
+amusement arcade manager
+amusement arcade owner
+amusement arcade supervisor
+amusement arcade worker
+amusement attendant
+amusement caterer
+amusement park attendant
+anaesthetic assistant
+analyst's assistant
+analyst team leader
+analytical chemist
+analytical psychotherapist
+analytical technician
+analytics manager
+anatomical assistant
+anatomical pathology technician
+anatomy technician
+anchor fitter
+ancillary assistant
+ancillary helper
+ancillary nurse
+ancillary worker
+android developer
+angle dozer driver
+animal attendant
+animal behaviourist
+animal care assistant
+animal care laboratory technician
+animal carer
+animal careworker
+animal care worker
+animal clinic assistant
+animal collection officer
+animal handler
+animal health attendant
+animal health inspector
+animal health officer
+animal keeper
+animal minder
+animal nurse
+animal nursing auxiliary
+animal nutritionist
+animal scientist
+animal technician
+animal trainer
+animal welfare assistant
+animal welfare officer
+animation producer
+annealing furnaceman
+annealing furnace operator
+annealing man
+annealing oven fireman
+anocut machinist
+anode attendant
+answer line operator
+antiquarian bookseller
+antiquarian book seller
+antiquarian book specialist
+antique dealer
+antiques dealer
+antiques renovator
+antiques repairer
+antiques restorer
+anti-social behaviour officer
+anvil grinder
+anvil striker
+apparatus assembler
+appeal director
+appeal manager
+appeal officer
+appeals coordinator
+appeals director
+appeals manager
+appeals officer
+appeals organiser
+appeals presenting officer
+apple mac operator
+appliance engineer
+appliance officer
+appliances fixer
+application consultant
+application developer
+applications consultant
+applications designer
+applications developer
+applications engineer
+applications manager
+application software author
+applications programmer
+appointments clerk
+appointments officer
+apprentice craftsman instructor
+apprentice instructor
+apprenticeship supervisor
+apron controller
+apron hand
+aquaculture engineer
+aquarium attendant
+aquatic scientist
+arboricultural assistant
+arboricultural consultant
+arboricultural manager
+arboricultural officer
+arboricultural supervisor
+arboricultural technician
+arboricultural worker
+arcade assistant
+arcade attendant
+archaeological surveyor
+archaeologist site assistant
+arch bender
+architect manager
+architect's assistant
+architectural assistant
+architectural associate
+architectural bronze worker
+architectural carver
+architectural consultant
+architectural designer
+architectural metal worker
+architectural modeller
+architectural model maker
+architectural planner
+architectural representative
+architectural technician
+architectural technologist
+architecture manager
+archives assistant
+arc lamp fitter
+arc lamp tester
+arc light printer
+arc welder
+area amenity manager
+area amenity officer
+area chief engineer
+area controller
+area electrical engineer
+area engineer
+area hospital services manager
+area inspector
+area livestock inspector
+area manager
+area mechanical engineer
+area officer
+area radar controller
+area railway supervisor
+area sales manager
+area secretary
+area supervisor
+armament fitter
+armaments examiner
+armaments inspector
+armament supply officer
+armature assembler
+armature balancer
+armature bander
+armature binder
+armature builder
+armature connector
+armature disc winder
+armature finisher
+armature impregnator
+armature winder
+arm maker
+armouring assistant
+armouring machine driver
+armouring machinist
+army officer
+arrears collector
+arrears officer
+art adviser
+art consultant
+art dealer
+art decorator
+art designer
+art director
+art editor
+artesian borer
+art expert
+artex worker
+art gallery assistant
+art gallery director
+art gallery owner
+art handler
+articled clerk
+articulated vehicle driver
+artificial eye maker
+artificial florist
+artificial flower maker
+artificial insemination technician
+artificial inseminator
+artificial limb maker
+artificial limb technician
+artificial silk spinner
+artificial stone maker
+artificial stone presser
+artificial stone worker
+artificial wreath maker
+art iron worker
+artist colourman
+artistic director
+artistic modeller
+artistic painter
+artistic therapist
+artist manager
+art metal worker
+art psychotherapist
+art restorer
+arts administrator
+arts adviser
+arts assistant
+arts centre manager
+arts development officer
+arts education officer
+arts officer
+art technician
+art therapist
+asbestos braider
+asbestos calenderer
+asbestos carder
+asbestos cement sheeter
+asbestos consultant
+asbestos cutter
+asbestos doubler
+asbestos driller
+asbestos fitter
+asbestos fixer
+asbestos grinder
+asbestos lagger
+asbestos mattress maker
+asbestos mill worker
+asbestos opener
+asbestos packer
+asbestos pipe maker
+asbestos remover
+asbestos ring maker
+asbestos rover
+asbestos sheet cutter
+asbestos sheeter
+asbestos spinner
+asbestos sprayer
+asbestos stripper
+asbestos trimmer
+asbestos turner
+asbestos weaver
+asbestos worker
+ash and muck man
+ash attendant
+ash collector
+ash man
+ash pit collector
+ash plant attendant
+asphalt block maker
+asphalter's mate
+asphalt layer
+asphalt maker
+asphalt mixer
+asphalt mixer man
+asphalt potman
+asphalt raker
+asphalt spreader
+asphalt tank operator
+assay assistant
+assayer's assistant
+assembly engineer
+assembly fitter
+assembly hand
+assembly inspector
+assembly line operator
+assembly member
+assembly operator
+assembly team leader
+assembly technician
+assembly worker
+assessing engineer
+assessment centre manager
+assessment officer
+asset manager
+assistant cable testing engineer
+assistant charge electrical engineer
+assistant chief constable
+assistant collector
+assistant collector of taxes
+assistant conservation officer
+assistant craftsman
+assistant driver
+assistant electrical engineer
+assistant engineer
+assistant examiner
+assistant foreman
+assistant gas man
+assistant gis officer
+assistant glazer
+assistant grinder
+assistant head
+assistant head master
+assistant head mistress
+assistant head teacher
+assistant inspector
+assistant nurse
+assistant overseer
+assistant practitioner
+assistant scientific officer
+assistant secretary
+assistant social survey officer
+assistant store officer
+assistant superintendent
+assistant supply officer
+assistant tax collector
+assistant technical officer
+assistant technician
+assistant waste man
+associate specialist
+association secretary
+assurance agent
+assurance clerk
+astrological psychologist
+attaché case maker
+auctioneer's assistant
+auctioneer's bailiff
+auction manager
+auction owner
+audio describer
+audio engineer
+audiological scientist
+audiologist technician
+audio typist
+audio-visual aids operator
+audio visual engineer
+audio visual librarian
+audio visual manager
+audio-visual manager
+audio visual technician
+audit assistant
+audit clerk
+audit consultant
+audit examiner
+audit executive
+audit manager
+audit senior
+audit supervisor
+audit technician
+authorisation clerk
+authorised collecting officer
+authorised meat inspector
+authorised officer
+auto attendant
+autocad draughtsman
+autocad engineer
+autocad technician
+autoclave operator
+autoclave unloader
+autoclave worker
+autocue operator
+auto electrical engineer
+auto electrical technician
+auto electrician
+autolysis man
+automatic attendant
+automatic dipper
+automatic equipment attendant
+automatic machine setter
+automatic machinist
+automatic metal sealing machinist
+automatic screw machinist
+automatic setter
+automobile electrician
+automobile engineer
+automobile fitter
+automotive engineer
+automotive engineering technician
+automotive glazier
+auto operator
+auto setter
+auto shop foreman
+auxiliary assistant
+auxiliary nurse
+auxiliary officer
+auxiliary plant attendant
+average adjuster
+average adjuster's clerk
+aviation consultant
+aviation engineer
+aviation technical consultant
+avionics designer
+avionics engineer
+avionics systems engineer
+avionics technician
+axle box dresser
+axle box driller
+axle box fitter
+axle box machinist
+axle bush finisher
+axle bush turner
+axle fitter
+axle grinder
+axle setter
+axle straightener
+axle turner
+baby sitter
+back end man
+back-end man
+backer machinist
+back filler
+back hand
+back jobber
+back man
+back minder
+back room man
+back sawyer
+back sizer and dryer
+back tender
+back tenter
+back tongsman
+backwash attendant
+back washer
+backwash minder
+bacon cutter
+bacon dryer
+bacon hand
+bacon roller
+bacteria bed attendant
+badge maker
+badge manufacturer
+badge worker
+bag bundler
+bag carrier
+bag cleaner
+bag cutter
+bag dresser
+bag examiner
+bag filler
+bag frame fitter
+bag framer
+baggage handler
+baggage man
+baggage master
+bagging machinist
+bag hand
+bag machinist
+bag maker
+bag manufacturer
+bag mender
+bag repairer
+bag sewer
+bag shaker
+bag tackler
+bag tarrer
+bag tier
+bail support officer
+bait digger
+bait maker
+bakehouse assistant
+bakehouse helper
+bakehouse worker
+bakelite assembler
+bakelite maker
+bakelite moulder
+bakelite polisher
+bakelite trimmer
+baker's assistant
+baker's deliveryman
+baker's help
+baker's manager
+bakery assistant
+bakery engineer
+bakery foreman
+bakery hand
+bakery manager
+bakery operative
+bakery plant hand
+bakery plant operator
+bakery worker
+baking powder operative
+balance maker
+balance screw maker
+balance spring maker
+balcony man
+bale marker
+bale opener
+baler operator
+bale splitter
+bale stitcher
+baling machinist
+ballast guard
+ballast inspector
+ballast man
+ballast tipper
+ballast trimmer
+ball bearing machinist
+ball bearings viewer
+ballet dancer
+ballet master
+ballet teacher
+ball grinder
+balling head minder
+balling machinist
+ball machinist
+ball maker
+ball mill operator
+balloon crew
+balloon decorator
+balloon pilot
+balloon tester
+ballot adviser
+ball roller
+ball room attendant
+ball room manager
+ball winder
+balustrade fitter
+bamboo furniture maker
+banana ripener
+banbury mixer
+banbury operator
+bandage cutter
+bandage maker
+bandage roller
+banda operator
+banding machinist
+band knife cutter
+band knife operator
+band leader
+band maker
+band master
+band putter-on
+band saw operator
+band sawyer
+bank accountant
+bank agent
+bank assistant
+bank associate
+bank cashier
+bank cleaner
+bank clerk
+bank courier
+bank director
+bank employee
+banker hand
+banker mason
+banker's representative
+bank filler
+bank fitter
+bank foreman
+bank guard
+bank hand
+banking adviser
+banking clerk
+banking consultant
+banking correspondent
+banking manager
+banking supervisor
+bank inspector
+bank manager
+bank-note checker
+bank-note counter
+bank-note engraver
+bank-note examiner
+bank-note inspector
+bank oddman
+bank officer
+bank official
+bank operations manager
+bank reconciliation clerk
+bank repairer
+bankruptcy examiner
+banksman's assistant
+bank supervisor
+banqueting coordinator
+banqueting manager
+banqueting supervisor
+bar assistant
+bar attendant
+bar bender
+bar bender and fixer
+barber's manager
+barb maker
+bar carrier
+bar catcher
+bar cellarman
+bar cleaner
+bar cutter
+bar dragger
+bar drawer
+bar feeder
+bar fitter
+bargain man
+barge builder
+barge captain
+barge engineer
+barge hand
+barge loader
+barge loading attendant
+barge master
+barge repairer
+barge trimmer
+bar handyman
+bar help
+bar helper
+bar inspector
+barium furnaceman
+bar keeper
+barker's assistant
+barking machinist
+bark worker
+barley roaster
+barley sugar twister
+bar maid
+bar manager
+barometer maker
+barometer mounter
+bar operative
+bar pointer
+barrack accountant
+barracks accountant
+barrack warden
+bar reeler
+barrel and cask maker
+barrel cleaner
+barrel driller
+barrel filler
+barrel fine borer
+barrel lapper
+barrel maker
+barrel pegger
+barrel plater
+barrel polisher
+barrel reamerer
+barrel rifler
+barrel setter
+barrel straightener
+barrel viewer
+barrel washer
+barring machinist
+barrister's clerk
+barrow assistant
+barrow boy
+barrow builder
+barrow filler
+barrow maker
+barrow man
+bar staff
+bar steward
+bar straightener
+bar supervisor
+bartack machinist
+bar tender
+bar worker
+base maker
+base puller
+basin maker
+basket issuer
+basket liner
+basket maker
+basket man
+basket washer
+basket worker
+bass cutter
+bass dresser
+baste puller
+basting machinist
+batch blender
+batch foreman
+batch mixer
+bath attendant
+bath house attendant
+bath room attendant
+bathroom fitter
+bathroom installer
+baths attendant
+baths foreman
+baths manager
+baths superintendent
+bath superintendent
+bat maker
+battery assembler
+battery attendant
+battery case maker
+battery chargeman
+battery charger
+battery charging hand
+battery engineer
+battery erector
+battery filler
+battery fitter
+battery foreman
+battery former
+battery inspector
+battery machinist
+battery maintenance man
+battery maker
+battery man
+battery mechanic
+battery moulder
+battery paster
+battery repairer
+battery room attendant
+battery tier
+battery topman
+battery worker
+bayonet miller
+bay operator
+beach hut attendant
+beach inspector
+bead builder
+bead flipper
+beading machinist
+bead stringer
+bead wrapper
+beam and frame erector
+beam dyer
+beam erector
+beam fitter
+beam flanger
+beam gaiter
+beaming machinist
+beam lifter
+beam maker
+beam repairer
+beam setter
+beam winder
+bear breaker
+bearing reliner
+beaterman's assistant
+beater's assistant
+beauty adviser
+beauty consultant
+beauty counsellor
+beauty specialist
+beauty studio owner
+beauty therapist
+bedding machinist
+bed frame assembler
+bed frame maker
+bed maker
+bed manager
+bedroom assistant
+bedroom fitter
+bedroom installer
+bedroom manufacturer
+bedroom supervisor
+bedstead maker
+bee farmer
+beef pickler
+bee keeper
+beer finer
+beet topper
+beet washer attendant
+behavioural scientist
+behaviour manager
+behaviour mentor
+behaviour support assistant
+behaviour support manager
+behaviour support officer
+behaviour support teacher
+behaviour support worker
+behaviour teacher
+bell hanger
+bell maker
+bell man
+bellows maker
+bellows man
+bell ringer
+belly maker
+belly roller
+below ground fitter
+belt assembler
+belt attendant
+belt builder
+belt cleaner
+belt cutter
+belt driver
+belt extender
+belt feeder
+belt finisher
+belt fitter
+belt foreman
+belt hand
+belting fitter
+belting maker
+belting repairer
+belting sewer
+belt inspector
+belt maker
+belt mender
+belt minder
+belt motor man
+belt operator
+belt patrol
+belt patrolman
+belt piecer
+belt presser
+belt remover
+belt repairer
+belt runner
+belt skiver
+belt turner
+belt worker
+bench assembler
+bench fitter
+bench hand
+bench inspector
+bench joiner
+bench man
+bench moulder
+bench tester
+bench worker
+bender's mate
+bending machinist
+bending presser
+bend roller
+benefit adviser
+benefit assistant
+benefit fraud investigator
+benefit officer
+benefits adviser
+benefits assessor
+benefits assistant
+benefits officer
+benefits processing officer
+benefit team leader
+benzole operator
+benzole plant man
+benzole plant operator
+benzole washer
+benzol operator
+benzol plant man
+benzol plant operator
+benzol washer
+berth cleaner
+berthing man
+berthing manager
+besom maker
+bespoke last fitter
+best boy
+best value inspector
+best value officer
+betting office manager
+betting shop cashier
+betting shop manager
+betting shop owner
+bias cutter
+bias machinist
+bibliographic assistant
+bibliographic services assistant
+bicycle maker
+bicycle mechanic
+bid manager
+bid production manager
+bi-focal assembler
+bifocal fuser
+bike mechanic
+bilingual secretary
+bill broker
+bill clerk
+billet breaker
+billet cutter
+billet grinder
+billet inspector
+billet man
+billet marker
+billet operator
+billet shearer
+billiard ball maker
+billiard ball turner
+billiard cue maker
+billiard hall attendant
+billiard marker
+billiard room steward
+billiard table cushion maker
+billiard table fitter
+billiard table maker
+billing analyst
+billing clerk
+billing officer
+bill inspector
+bill poster
+bill posting contractor
+bill sticker
+bim technician
+binder's assistant
+bindery assistant
+bindery technician
+bindery worker
+binding machinist
+bin feeder
+bingo assistant
+bingo attendant
+bingo caller
+bingo hall attendant
+bingo hall manager
+bingo manager
+bingo operative
+bingo operator
+bin lifter
+bin man
+binocular assembler
+binocular framer
+bioinformatics support officer
+biological chemist
+biological field surveyor
+biomass engineer
+biomedical engineer
+biomedical scientist
+biomedical technologist
+bird catcher
+biscuit boiler
+biscuit coverer
+biscuit cutter
+biscuit emptier
+biscuit feeder
+biscuit fireman
+biscuit machinist
+biscuit maker
+biscuit oddman
+biscuit ovenman
+biscuit paster
+biscuit placer
+biscuit selector
+biscuit sorter
+biscuit stripper
+biscuit tin washer
+biscuit turner
+biscuit warehouse sorter
+bit grinder
+bitumen insulator
+bitumen worker
+bit winder
+black and white etcher
+black dyer
+black ornament worker
+blacksmith's helper
+blacksmith's mate
+blade finisher
+blade fitter
+blade grinder
+blade hardener
+blade trimmer
+blank cutter
+blanket binder
+blanket finisher
+blanket machinist
+blanket maker
+blanket miller
+blanket raiser
+blanket washer
+blanket whipper
+blanking presser
+blast furnace attendant
+blast furnace car driver
+blast furnace caster
+blast furnace foreman
+blast furnace hand
+blast furnaceman
+blast furnace potter
+blast furnace waterman
+blast furnace worker
+bleacher's stamp maker
+bleach finisher
+bleach hand
+bleaching powder man
+bleach mixer
+bleach worker
+blende cleaner
+blender's assistant
+blending operator
+blind fitter
+blind fixer
+blind maker
+blind repairer
+block cutter
+block floor layer
+blocking machinist
+block layer
+block maker
+block minder
+block presser
+block printer
+block setter
+block trimmer
+blood collector
+blood donor assistant
+blood donor attendant
+blood donor carer
+bloodstock agent
+bloodstock consultant
+blooming mill roller
+bloom shearer
+blouse cutter
+blouse machinist
+blouse maker
+blouse presser
+blower house attendant
+blower major
+blowing engine tenter
+blowing foreman
+blowing machinist
+blowing room assistant
+blowing room attendant
+blowing room foreman
+blowing room hand
+blowing room operative
+blowlamp worker
+blow major
+blow pipe operator
+blowpipe worker
+blow room major
+blue coat
+blue mill foreman
+blue printer
+blunger charger
+boarding house assistant
+boarding house keeper
+boarding house manager
+board machine setter
+board maker
+board marker
+board tacker
+board washer
+boat attendant
+boat builder
+boat builder and repairer
+boat builder's labourer
+boat cleaner
+boatel manager
+boat hand
+boat hirer
+boat keeper
+boat loader
+boat maker
+boat owner
+boat repairer
+boat repairer and builder
+boatswain's mate
+boat technician
+boat trimmer
+boat yard manager
+boat yard owner
+bobbin capper
+bobbin cleaner
+bobbin counter
+bobbin cutter
+bobbin filler
+bobbin layer
+bobbin machinist
+bobbin maker
+bobbin pegger
+bobbin picker
+bobbin piler
+bobbin polisher
+bobbin reeler
+bobbin repairer
+bobbin rincer
+bobbin runner
+bobbin setter
+bobbin sizer
+bobbin slow tester
+bobbin sorter
+bobbin stripper
+bobbin taker-off
+bobbin tester
+bobbin threader
+bobbin turner
+bobbin winder
+bobbin wiper
+bobcat driver
+body artist
+body assembler
+body builder
+body designer
+body finisher
+body fitter
+body guard
+body handler
+body maker
+body maker and repairer
+body mounter
+body piercer
+body repairer
+body shop foreman
+bodyshop foreman
+body shop manager
+bodyshop manager
+bodyshop technician
+body sprayer
+body washer
+bogie cleaner
+bogie driver
+bogie truck driver
+boiler and engine surveyor
+boiler attendant
+boiler breaker
+boiler cleaner
+boiler clothier
+boiler coverer
+boiler coverer's mate
+boiler engineer
+boiler erector
+boiler feeder
+boiler fireman
+boiler firer
+boiler fitter
+boiler fixer
+boiler foreman
+boiler furnaceman
+boiler house attendant
+boiler house cleaner
+boilerhouse engineer
+boiler house foreman
+boiler houseman
+boiler house superintendent
+boiler house trimmer
+boiler inspector
+boiler lagger
+boiler maker
+boiler maker's assistant
+boiler maker's helper
+boilermaker's holder-up
+boiler maker's mate
+boiler minder
+boiler mounter
+boiler mount fitter
+boiler operator
+boiler pipe fitter
+boiler plant attendant
+boiler plater
+boiler repairer
+boiler room attendant
+boiler scaler
+boiler scraper
+boiler scurfer
+boiler smith
+boiler smith's assistant
+boiler smith's helper
+boiler stoker
+boiler tenter
+boiler tester
+boiler trimmer
+boiler tube cleaner
+boiler washer
+boiling house attendant
+boiling-off man
+boiling pan man
+bolster grinder
+bolster maker
+bolt header
+bolt machinist
+bolt maker
+bomb disposal engineer
+bomb disposal officer
+bon-bon maker
+bond dealer
+bonded store and vault keeper
+bond manager
+bond trader
+bond worker
+bone cleaner
+bone crusher
+bone grinder
+bone picker
+bonnet fitter
+bonus administrator
+bonus assessor
+bonus clerk
+bonus surveyor
+book binder
+bookbinder's assistant
+book case maker
+book cleaner
+book dealer
+book deliverer
+book designer
+book examiner
+book finisher
+book folder
+book illustrator
+booking agent
+booking clerk
+booking manager
+booking office clerk
+book keeper
+book keeping clerk
+book-keeping clerk
+book-keeping machinist
+book looker-out
+book maker
+book maker's assistant
+bookmaker's clerk
+bookmaker's manager
+book repairer
+book restorer
+book sales assistant
+book seller
+bookseller's assistant
+bookshop manager
+book stall assistant
+bookstall assistant
+book stall keeper
+book stall manager
+boom operator
+booster attendant
+booster house attendant
+boot and shoe artist
+boot and shoe finisher
+boot and shoe maker
+boot and shoe operative
+boot and shoe repairer
+boot and shoe worker
+boot cleaner
+boot ironer
+boot lace maker
+boot machinist
+boot maker
+boot operator
+boot polisher
+boot stainer
+boot trimmer
+border force officer
+borer's assistant
+boring engineer
+boring machinist
+boring mill machinist
+boring mill operator
+borough accountant
+borough engineer
+borough surveyor
+borstal officer
+botanical technician
+bottle blower
+bottle bobbin worker
+bottle cap machinist
+bottle capper
+bottle capping machinist
+bottle cleaner
+bottle examiner
+bottle filler
+bottle hand
+bottle machinist
+bottle maker
+bottle making machinist
+bottle moulder
+bottle mould fitter
+bottle rinser
+bottle shopman
+bottle sighter
+bottle sorter
+bottle washer
+bottling assistant
+bottling foreman
+bottling machinist
+bottling operator
+bottom cutter
+bottom filler
+bottom finisher
+bottom hand
+bottom man
+bottom painter
+bought ledger controller
+boundary examiner
+bow dresser
+bow grinder
+bowl feeder
+bowling alley manager
+bowling green attendant
+bowl maker
+bowl picker
+bowl turner
+bow maker
+box and slide machinist
+box assembler
+box builder
+box cleaner
+box coverer
+box cutter
+box dresser
+boxer's manager
+box file maker
+box filler
+box fitter
+box folder
+box hand
+boxing glove cutter
+boxing glove stitcher
+box inspector
+box lifter
+box machinist
+box maker
+box maker's cutter
+box making machinist
+box marker
+box minder
+box office assistant
+box office clerk
+box office manager
+box repairer
+box sealer
+box stamper
+box stapler
+box stenciller
+box stitcher
+box tenter
+box trimmer
+box washer
+box wirer
+brace cutter
+bracelet maker
+braces maker
+braid filler
+braiding machine speeder
+braiding machinist
+braiding net hand
+braid machine tackler
+braid machinist
+braid measurer
+braid tenter
+braille copyist
+brake adjuster
+brake assembler
+brake block maker
+brake examiner
+brake fitter
+brake hand
+brake liner
+brake lining fitter
+brake lining presser
+brake operator
+brake press setter-operator
+brake reliner
+brake repairer
+brake stripper
+brake tester
+branch accountant
+branch adviser
+branch assistant
+branch development officer
+branch engineer
+branch librarian
+branch manager
+branch officer
+branch secretary
+branch superintendent
+brand manager
+brass assembler
+brass bearing fitter
+brass bobbin finisher
+brass bobbin winder
+brass capstan hand
+brass caster
+brass cleaner
+brass dipper
+brass engraver
+brass fettler
+brass finisher
+brass fitter
+brass furnaceman
+brass machinist
+brass moulder
+brass plater
+brass polisher
+brass stamper
+brass threader
+brass turner
+brass worker
+brayle maker
+brazing machinist
+bread cutter
+bread salesman
+bread slicing machinist
+breadthening machinist
+breakage sorter
+break-off fitter
+breast care nurse
+breeze block maker
+breeze man
+breeze plant attendant
+brewer foreman
+brewer's agent
+brewer's engineer
+brewery agent
+brewery assistant
+brewery labourer
+brewery manager
+brewery official
+brewery operator
+brewery worker
+briar pipe fitter
+brick arch builder
+brick archer
+brick burner
+brick cutter
+brick drawer
+brick dresser
+brick field worker
+brick hand
+brick kiln builder
+brick kiln stoker
+brick layer
+bricklayer's assistant
+bricklayer's helper
+bricklayer's labourer
+brick layer's mate
+bricklaying contractor
+brick machinist
+brick maker
+brick making machinist
+brick moulder
+brick plant operator
+brick pointer
+brick presser
+brick setter
+bricksetter's labourer
+brick worker
+brick yard foreman
+bridal consultant
+bridalwear designer
+bridge attendant
+bridge driver
+bridge examiner
+bridge foreman
+bridge gateman
+bridge house keeper
+bridge inspector
+bridge keeper
+bridge maker
+bridge master
+bridge operator
+bridge painter
+bridge plater
+bridge repairer
+bridge sprayer
+bridge steersman
+bridle cutter
+bridle maker
+briefing officer
+brigade manager
+bright smith
+brilliant cutter
+brim shaper
+brine cooler operator
+brine maker
+brine pipe man
+briquette maker
+bristle cleaner
+bristle dresser
+bristle mixer
+bristle trimmer
+british council officer
+british gas engineer
+british telecom manager
+broaching machinist
+broaching miller
+broadcast engineer
+broadcasting engineer
+broadcasting manager
+broadcast journalist
+brokerage officer
+broking manager
+bromide printer
+bronze letter printer
+bronzing machinist
+bronzing metaller
+brooch maker
+broom maker
+broom manufacturer
+brow hand
+brush assembler
+brush borer
+brush case maker
+brush drawer
+brush driller
+brush dyer
+brush examiner
+brush filler
+brush finisher
+brush hand
+brushing machinist
+brush machinist
+brush maker
+brush manufacturer
+brush polisher
+brush stamper
+brush washer
+brush worker
+bsc engineer
+bss engineer
+bucket maker
+buckle coverer
+buddle cleaner
+budget assistant
+budget controller
+budget control officer
+budget officer
+budget support officer
+buffer maker
+buffet attendant
+buffet maid
+buffet manager
+buffing machinist
+builder's agent
+builders' assistant
+builder's contractor
+builder's fitter
+builder's foreman
+builder's handyman
+builder's jobber
+builder's joiner
+builder's labourer
+builder's machinist
+builder's mate
+builder's mechanic
+builders' merchant
+builder's plant operator
+builder's repairer
+building and civil engineer
+building assistant
+building attendant
+building block maker
+building cleaner
+building consultant
+building contractor
+building contracts manager
+building control inspector
+building controller
+building control officer
+building control surveyor
+building director
+building engineer
+building estimator
+building foreman
+building inspector
+building insulator
+building labourer
+building manager
+building officer
+building operative
+building operator
+building repairer
+building services consultant
+building services engineer
+building services manager
+building services supervisor
+building society cashier
+building society clerk
+building society manager
+buildings officer
+buildings painter
+buildings sprayer
+building superintendent
+building supervisor
+building surveyor
+building technician
+building worker
+bulb blower
+bulb examiner
+bulb joiner
+bulb maker
+bulb sorter
+bulb washer
+bulb worker
+bulking-floor labourer
+bulk loader
+bullard operator
+bull block operator
+bulldozer driver
+bulldozer operator
+bullet examiner
+bullet gauger
+bullet machinist
+bullet maker
+bullet trimmer
+bullet trimming operator
+bullion broker
+bullion machinist
+bullion melter
+bullion refiner
+bumping machinist
+bunch maker
+bundler's assistant
+bunker attendant
+bunker controlman
+burden man
+bureau assistant
+bureau operator
+burgh chamberlain
+burial ground keeper
+burner attendant
+burner fitter
+burner's assistant
+burner's mate
+burnishing machinist
+burr crusher
+burr examiner
+burr grinder
+burr man
+bursar's assistant
+burster operator
+bus cleaner
+bus conductor
+bus driver
+bus engineer
+bus escort
+bus examiner
+bus garage manager
+bus guard
+bush maker
+business administrator
+business adviser
+business agent
+business analyst
+business associate
+business banker
+business broker
+business change manager
+business consultant
+business continuity manager
+business counsellor
+business developer
+business development assistant
+business development director
+business development engineer
+business development executive
+business development manager
+business efficiency expert
+business improvement manager
+business manager
+business planner
+business psychologist
+business strategy manager
+business support assistant
+business support manager
+business support officer
+business system analyst
+business systems analyst
+business systems manager
+business transfer agent
+business travel agent
+business unit controller
+bus inspector
+bus mechanic
+bus router
+butcher's assistant
+butcher's cutter
+butcher's machinist
+butcher's manager
+butcher's salesman
+butcher's shopman
+butcher's shop manager
+butcher's shop owner
+butchery manager
+butchery supervisor
+butt cap maker
+butter blender
+butter liquefier
+butter maker
+butter worker
+buttery assistant
+butt haulier
+butt lifter
+button cleaner
+button coverer
+button cutter
+button driller
+button glazer
+buttonhole hand
+buttonhole machinist
+button hole maker
+buttonhole marker
+button holer
+buttonhole worker
+buttoning machinist
+button machinist
+button maker
+button manufacturer
+button marker
+button operator
+button polisher
+button screwer
+button sewer
+button turner
+button worker
+butt suspender
+butyl moulder
+buyer's assistant
+buying agent
+buying assistant
+buying controller
+buying manager
+buying office clerk
+bye turn man
+cab cleaner
+cab controller
+cab driver
+cabin attendant
+cabin boy
+cabin crew
+cabinet assembler
+cabinet case fitter
+cabinet case maker
+cabinet coverer
+cabinet fitter
+cabinet inspector
+cabinet liner
+cabinet machinist
+cabinet maker
+cabinet maker and joiner
+cabinet maker's labourer
+cabinet worker
+cabin man
+cabin manager
+cabin service director
+cabin services director
+cabin services officer
+cabin steward
+cable armourer
+cable assembler
+cable connector
+cable core maker
+cable cutter
+cable drum maker
+cable engine driver
+cable engineer
+cable examiner's mate
+cable extruder
+cable fitter
+cable foreman
+cable former
+cable hand
+cable inspector
+cable installation engineer
+cable installer
+cable insulator
+cable jointer
+cable jointer's mate
+cable layer
+cable machine driver
+cable machinist
+cable maker
+cable man
+cable operator
+cable packer
+cable puller
+cable repairer
+cable sheather
+cable stripper
+cable tank man
+cable tester
+cable testing engineer
+cable transporter
+cable trimmer
+cable winder
+cable worker
+cable wrapper
+cabling machine driver
+cabling machinist
+cab service owner
+cab washer
+cad coordinator
+cad designer
+cad draughtsman
+caddy master
+cad engineer
+cad manager
+cadmium plater
+cad operator
+cad technician
+café assistant
+café manager
+café owner
+cafeteria assistant
+cafeteria hand
+café worker
+cage attendant
+cage hand
+cage winder
+cake artist
+cake bagger
+cake breaker
+cake decorator
+cake maker
+cake mixer
+cake stower
+cake trimmer
+cake washer
+calamine crusher
+calciner watcher
+calcining furnaceman
+calculating machine mechanic
+calculating machinist
+calender assistant
+calender attendant
+calender driver
+calender foreman
+calender hand
+calender machinist
+calenderman's assistant
+calender operator
+calender rolls operator
+calf rearer
+calibration engineer
+calibration technician
+calico dyer
+calico framer
+calico printer
+call boy
+call centre adviser
+call centre agent
+call centre manager
+call centre operative
+call centre operator
+callcentre operator
+call centre supervisor
+call centre team leader
+call centre telephonist
+call handler
+cam-bowl grinder
+cam box fitter
+camera assembler
+camera finisher
+camera fitter
+camera maker
+cameraman's assistant
+camera mechanic
+camera operator
+camera repairer
+camera technician
+campaign analyst
+campaign manager
+camp attendant
+camping site manager
+camping site owner
+camp warden
+camshaft grinder
+canal inspector
+canal pilot
+canal wharf keeper
+canal worker
+can breaker
+candle maker
+candlewick maker
+can dodger
+can dryer
+cane furniture maker
+cane furniture manufacturer
+cane seat maker
+cane weaver
+cane worker
+can feeder
+can filler
+can finisher
+canine beautician
+canine carer
+canine nurse
+canister maker
+can maker
+can minder
+cannery worker
+canopy maker
+can seamer
+can taker-out
+canteen assistant
+canteen attendant
+canteen cleaner
+canteen hand
+canteen help
+canteen helper
+canteen maid
+canteen manager
+canteen server
+canteen staff assistant
+canteen steward
+canteen supervisor
+canteen worker
+can tenter
+can tester
+canvas goods maker
+canvas goods manufacturer
+canvas machinist
+canvassing assistant
+cap cutter
+cap filler
+cap finisher
+cap fixer
+cap machinist
+cap maker
+cap presser
+cap primer
+cap spinner
+capstan engineer
+capstan fitter-operator
+capstan foreman
+capstan hand
+capstan lathe setter
+capstan lathe setter-operator
+capstan lathe turner
+capstan machinist
+capstan man
+capstan operator
+capstan setter
+capstan setter-operator
+capstan turner
+capsulation operator
+capsule machinist
+capsule maker
+cap twister
+caramel maker
+car assembler
+car attendant
+caravan builder
+caravan fitter
+caravan park manager
+caravan park owner
+caravan park warden
+caravan site hirer
+caravan site manager
+caravan site operator
+caravan site owner
+caravan site warden
+carbide grinder
+carbide worker
+car body repairer
+car body trimmer
+carbon and sustainability officer
+carbonating hand
+carbonation hand
+carbonation man
+carbonator man
+carbon block assembler
+carbon block maker
+carbon brush assembler
+carbon brush presser
+carbon dioxide maker
+carbon grinder
+carbonisation officer
+carbonisation plant foreman
+carbonisation technical officer
+carbonising foreman
+carbonising lid attendant
+carbon kiln man
+carbon machinist
+carbon maker
+carbon mixer
+carbon moulder
+carbon paper machinist
+carbon paper maker
+carbon presser
+carbon printer
+carbon tester
+carbon tissue maker
+carbon worker
+carborundum moulder
+car brake maker
+car breaker
+carburettor tester
+carburising furnace operator
+carcass service officer
+car cleaner
+car collector
+card and drawing hand
+card assembler
+card attendant
+cardboard box maker
+cardboard box worker
+cardboard case maker
+cardboard stripper
+card box maker
+card changer
+card cleaner
+card clothier
+card clothing grinder
+card cutter
+card decorator
+card drawer
+card dresser
+car dealer
+car deliverer
+car delivery driver
+carder feeder
+car detailer
+card feeder
+card fettler
+card filler
+card finisher
+card fitter
+card foreman
+card grinder
+card hand
+cardiac physiologist
+cardiac technician
+carding engine cleaner
+carding engineer
+carding foreman
+carding jobber
+carding machinist
+carding minder
+carding operative
+carding room man
+cardiological technician
+car dismantler
+card jobber
+card lacer
+card maker
+card master
+card minder
+card mounter
+card nailer
+car door fitter
+card pegger
+card perforator
+card puncher
+cardroom cleaner
+card room foreman
+cardroom grinder
+card room hand
+card room man
+card room operative
+card room worker
+card setter
+card stamper
+card stripper
+card tenter
+card top clipper
+card trimmer
+card winder
+card wirer
+care aid
+care aide
+care arranger
+care assistant
+care attendant
+care broker
+care broker consultant
+care commission officer
+care coordinator
+care enabler
+career development officer
+careers adviser
+careers advisory officer
+careers assistant
+careers consultant
+careers education coordinator
+careers officer
+careers teacher
+care home advocate
+care home owner
+care manager
+care navigator
+care nurse
+care officer
+care organiser
+carers advocate
+care service manager
+care supervisor
+care support broker
+care support worker
+care taker
+caretaker's assistant
+caretaking manager
+care visitor
+care worker
+car finisher
+car fitter
+car fleet administrator
+cargo agent
+cargo capacity manager
+cargo clerk
+cargo controller
+cargo duty officer
+cargo handler
+cargo inspector
+cargo manager
+cargo officer
+cargo operations agent
+cargo superintendent
+cargo supervisor
+cargo worker
+car hire agent
+car hirer
+car hire supervisor
+car inspector
+car jockey
+car lasher
+car manufacturer
+car mechanic
+carmine maker
+car painter
+car paint sprayer
+car park assistant
+car park attendant
+car park inspector
+car park manager
+car park officer
+car park steward
+car park supervisor
+carpenter's and joiner's mate
+carpenter's assistant
+carpenter's handyman
+carpenter's helper
+carpenter's labourer
+carpenter's mate
+carpentry contractor
+carpet backer
+carpet beater
+carpet binder
+carpet cleaner
+carpet cleaning technician
+carpet consultant
+carpet cutter
+carpet dyer
+carpet estimator
+carpet finisher
+carpet fitter
+carpet fixer
+carpet inspector
+carpet layer
+carpet machinist
+carpet mender
+carpet picker
+carpet planner
+carpet repairer
+carpet setter
+carpet sewer
+carpet technician
+carpet weaver
+carpet worker
+car radiator builder
+car renovator
+car rental agent
+car restorer
+carriage and wagon examiner
+carriage and wagon fitter
+carriage and wagon inspector
+carriage and wagon stripper
+carriage attendant
+carriage body maker
+carriage builder
+carriage cleaner
+carriage driver
+carriage driving instructor
+carriage examiner
+carriage fitter
+carriage inspector
+carriage repairer
+carriage service man
+carriage springer
+carriage spring maker
+carriage straightener
+carriage trimmer
+carriage washer
+carrier bag machinist
+car sales adviser
+car sales executive
+car salesman
+car sealer
+car seat trimmer
+car seller
+car shunter
+car stripper
+cartage contractor
+cartage foreman
+cartage inspector
+cart builder
+cart driver
+car tester
+cart maker
+cartographical draughtsman
+cartographic assistant
+cartographic editor
+cartographic surveyor
+carton assembler
+carton maker
+carton stitcher
+carton stripper
+cartridge cassette loader
+cartridge charger
+cartridge filler
+cartridge loader
+cartridge maker
+car trimmer
+car valeter
+car valet service manager
+car wash assistant
+car washer
+car worker
+case assembler
+case assessor
+case coverer
+case coverer and liner
+case finisher
+case hardener
+case hardening furnaceman
+casein worker
+case liner
+case maker
+casement driller
+casement fitter
+casement maker
+case preparer
+case repairer
+case solderer and jointer
+case worker
+cash allocation clerk
+cash and wrap assistant
+cash and wrap operator
+cash clerk
+cash collector
+cash controller
+cash converter
+cashier's assistant
+cashier's clerk
+cash office assistant
+cash office clerk
+cash processor
+cash supervisor
+casino manager
+cask cleaner
+cask marker
+cask repairer
+cask smeller
+cask tester
+cask washer
+caster driver
+caster's helper
+casting belt attendant
+casting cleaner
+casting director
+casting dresser
+casting machinist
+casting man
+castings fettler
+castings grinder
+casting shop foreman
+castings operator
+castle custodian
+castle warden
+cast member
+catalogue compiler
+catalyst man
+catastrophe analyst
+cat carer
+catch knocker
+catch striker
+category manager
+caterer's assistant
+catering administrator
+catering adviser
+catering assistant
+catering consultant
+catering contractor
+catering controller
+catering engineer
+catering equipment engineer
+catering franchisee
+catering manager
+catering officer
+catering organiser
+catering representative
+catering service assistant
+catering services assistant
+catering services manager
+catering steward
+catering supervisor
+catering technician
+catering worker
+caterpillar operator
+cathedral operator
+catheter maker
+cathode coater
+cathode ray tube tester
+cattery assistant
+cattery owner
+cattle dealer
+cattle rearer
+cattle remover
+cattle salesman
+cattle transporter
+caustic finisher
+cavity wall installer
+cavity wall insulation technician
+cavity wall insulator
+cavity wall technician
+cctv engineer
+cctv manager
+cctv monitoring officer
+cctv officer
+cctv operations manager
+cctv operator
+ceiling erector
+ceiling fitter
+ceiling fixer
+ceiling specialist
+ceiling texturer
+cellar adviser
+cellar boy
+cellar inspector
+cellar manager
+cell assembler
+cell erector
+cell former
+cell inspector
+cell leader
+cell maker
+cell minder
+cell operator
+cellroom man
+cell scheduler
+cell tester
+celluloid coater
+celluloid polisher
+cellulose dipper
+cellulose film machinist
+cellulose finisher
+cellulose flatter
+cellulose maker
+cellulose polisher
+cellulose sprayer
+cement block maker
+cement gauger
+cement gun operator
+cement maker
+cement miller
+cement mixer
+cement stower
+cement tester
+cement worker
+cemeteries manager
+cemetery attendant
+cemetery keeper
+cemetery manager
+cemetery worker
+census district manager
+census enumerator
+census team leader
+centering machinist
+central heating engineer
+centre attendant
+centre boss turner
+centre lathe setter
+centre lathe setter-operator
+centre lathe turner
+centreless grinder
+centrifugal attendant
+centrifugal casting machinist
+centrifugal machinist
+centrifugal operator
+centrifuge operator
+cephalographic technician
+ceramic artist
+ceramic decorator
+ceramic driller
+ceramic maker
+ceramic pipe sorter
+ceramics coater
+ceramics consultant
+ceramics engineer
+ceramics manufacturer
+ceramic tiler
+certificated bailiff
+certified accountant
+certifying officer
+chain and suspension gear tester
+chain boy
+chain cable maker
+chain examiner
+chain fitter
+chain jointer
+chain linker
+chain maker
+chain making machinist
+chain minder
+chain repairer
+chain setter
+chain smith
+chain striker
+chain welder
+chair attendant
+chair binder
+chair bodger
+chair frame maker
+chair maker
+chair paperer
+chair rammer
+chair repairer
+chair scrubber
+chair seater
+chair stuffer
+chair ticket inspector
+chalet allocator
+chalet assistant
+chalet maid
+chalk burner
+chamber maid
+change manager
+changing room attendant
+channel closer
+channel manager
+chapel keeper
+charge attendant
+charge clerk
+charge controller
+charge driver
+charge engineer
+charge hand
+charge nurse
+charger car driver
+charger driver
+charger operator
+charge weighman
+char house assistant
+char house man
+charity administrator
+charity campaigner
+charity coordinator
+charity director
+charity manager
+charity shop manager
+char kiln man
+chart corrector
+chartered accountant
+chartered architect
+chartered electrical engineer
+chartered engineer
+chartered legal executive
+chartered librarian
+chartered management accountant
+chartered quantity surveyor
+chartered secretary
+chartered surveyor
+chartering clerk
+chart supply officer
+chasing tool maker
+chassis builder
+chassis erector
+chassis finisher
+chassis fitter
+chat-line operator
+chat moderator
+checker's assistant
+checking foreman
+checking-in clerk
+checking technician
+check-out assistant
+checkout caller
+check-out cashier
+check-out clerk
+check-out manager
+check-out operative
+check-out operator
+check-out supervisor
+cheese cutter
+cheese maker
+cheese maker's assistant
+cheese winder
+cheese worker
+cheesing frame minder
+cheesing frame tenter
+chef’s assistant
+chemical assistant
+chemical consultant
+chemical engineer
+chemical engineering consultant
+chemical engineering technician
+chemical engraver
+chemical foreman
+chemical inspector
+chemical manufacturer
+chemical mixer
+chemical operator
+chemical plant operator
+chemical process operator
+chemicals mixer
+chemical tester
+chemical worker
+chemist dispenser
+chemist's assistant
+chemist’s shop assistant
+chenille maker
+cheque examiner
+chicken catcher
+chicken inspector
+chicken jointer
+chicken plucker
+chick sexer
+chief accountant
+chief ambulance officer
+chief analyst
+chief assistant
+chief auditor
+chief bookkeeper
+chief book keeper
+chief cameraman
+chief cashier
+chief chemist
+chief clerk
+chief collector
+chief compliance officer
+chief conservation officer
+chief constable
+chief controller
+chief cook
+chief depot inspector
+chief designer
+chief draughtsman
+chief electrical engineer
+chief electrician
+chief electro mechanic
+chief engineer
+chief engineering inspector
+chief estimator
+chief executive
+chief executive officer
+chief experimental officer
+chief fire officer
+chief fraud investigating officer
+chief fraud investigation officer
+chief fraud officer
+chief group officer
+chief illustrator
+chief immigration officer
+chief inspector
+chief instrument engineer
+chief investigating officer
+chief investigation officer
+chief knowledge officer
+chief male nurse
+chief marine engineer
+chief mate
+chief mechanical engineer
+chief mechanical transport officer
+chief medical officer
+chief messenger
+chief officer
+chief park officer
+chief preventive officer
+chief prison officer
+chief probation officer
+chief rate collector
+chief security officer
+chief steward
+chief stocktaker
+chief stock taker
+chief store keeper
+chief storeman
+chief stores inspector
+chief superintendent
+chief supervisor
+chief supplies officer
+chief supplies superintendent
+chief traffic inspector
+chief warder
+chief warehouseman
+chief water inspector
+chief welfare officer
+child care assistant
+child care manager
+childcare nurse
+child care officer
+child care practitioner
+childcare practitioner
+child carer
+child careworker
+child care worker
+child employment officer
+child minder
+child protection officer
+child psychotherapist
+children's attendant
+children's centre manager
+children's centre pedagogue
+children's guardian
+children's nurse
+children's nursery owner
+children's psychotherapist
+children’s reporter
+children's services manager
+children's superintendent
+children's supervisor
+children's therapist
+child support officer
+child therapist
+chiller man
+chimney builder
+chimney cleaner
+chimney hand
+chimney lining engineer
+chimney repairer
+chimney sweep
+chimney sweeper
+china caster
+china clay refiner
+china repairer
+chip basket maker
+chipping machinist
+chip shop owner
+chiropody assistant
+chlorate of soda man
+chlorination attendant
+chlorination plant attendant
+chlorination plant operator
+chlorine gas worker
+chlorine packer
+chloroform maker
+chock drawer
+chock fitter
+chocolate coater
+chocolate coverer
+chocolate dipper
+chocolate filler
+chocolate hand
+chocolate maker
+chocolate mixer
+chocolate moulder
+chocolate worker
+choir master
+chopping machinist
+chorus girl
+christian science practitioner
+chrome furnaceman
+chrome plater
+chromium finisher
+chromium plater
+chronometer maker
+chronometer repairer
+church administrator
+church army officer
+church army worker
+church cleaner
+church elder
+church hall manager
+church keeper
+church officer
+church worker
+churner's assistant
+churn maker
+cider maker
+cider worker
+cid officer
+cigar bander
+cigar box maker
+cigarette case maker
+cigarette catcher
+cigarette machine examiner
+cigarette machinist
+cigarette maker
+cigarette making machinist
+cigar examiner
+cigar machinist
+cigar maker
+cigar moulder
+cigar passer
+cinema assistant
+cinema attendant
+cinema engineer
+cinema manager
+cinema operative
+cinema operator
+cinema owner
+cinematograph operator
+cinema worker
+cine technician
+circle cutter
+circle driller
+circle setter
+circuit administrator
+circuit designer
+circuit engineer
+circuit judge
+circuit manager
+circular distributor
+circular fabric machinist
+circular hand
+circular saw operator
+circular sawyer
+circulation assistant
+circulation manager
+circus animal trainer
+circus hand
+circus manager
+circus owner
+circus performer
+city centre ambassador
+city centre manager
+city chamberlain
+city engineer
+city surveyor
+civic assistant
+civil assistant
+civil defence instructor
+civil defence officer
+civil enforcement agent
+civil enforcement officer
+civil engineer
+civil engineering agent
+civil engineering assistant
+civil engineering consultant
+civil engineering contractor
+civil engineering foreman
+civil engineering labourer
+civil engineering operative
+civil engineering technician
+civil engineer's contractor
+civil engineer's labourer
+civilian assistant
+civilian custodian
+civilian fingerprint officer
+civilian foreman
+civilian instructor
+civilian orderly
+civilian police driver
+civilian signalman
+civilian support officer
+civil investigator
+civil servant
+civils inspector
+claim administrator
+claim adviser
+claimant adviser
+claims adjudicator
+claims adjuster
+claims adviser
+claims assessor
+claims assistant
+claims clerk
+claims consultant
+claims correspondent
+claims executive
+claims handler
+claims inspector
+claims investigator
+claims manager
+claims negotiator
+claims officer
+claims processor
+claims superintendent
+claims supervisor
+claims team manager
+claims technician
+clamp setter
+clamp truck driver
+clapper boy
+clapper loader
+clarifier man
+class attendant
+classroom ancillary
+classroom assistant
+classroom helper
+classroom support assistant
+clay bander
+clay boy
+clay cutter
+clay dryer
+clay feeder
+clay getter
+clay grinder
+clay lander
+clay maker
+clay man
+clay miner
+clay mixer
+clay modeller
+clay moulder
+clay operative
+clay pipe maker
+clay pipe moulder
+clay potter
+clay runner
+clay wedger
+clay worker
+cleaning attendant
+cleaning contractor
+cleaning lady
+cleaning machinist
+cleaning manager
+cleaning operative
+cleaning supervisor
+cleaning technician
+cleansing attendant
+cleansing inspector
+cleansing manager
+cleansing operative
+cleansing superintendent
+clearance clerk
+clearing frame tenter
+clear winder
+clerical administrator
+clerical assistant
+clerical officer
+clerical supervisor
+clerical support assistant
+clerical worker
+clerk's assistant
+clicking presser
+client account manager
+client consultant
+client delivery manager
+client development executive
+client executive
+client liaison executive
+client manager
+client relationship executive
+client relationship manager
+client relations manager
+client service manager
+client services assistant
+client services associate
+client services manager
+clinic administrator
+clinical assistant
+clinical audit facilitator
+clinical audit officer
+clinical auditor
+clinical coder
+clinical coding analyst
+clinical coding officer
+clinical coding supervisor
+clinical data manager
+clinical data officer
+clinical effectiveness facilitator
+clinical engineer
+clinical governance coordinator
+clinical governance facilitator
+clinical governance manager
+clinical governance officer
+clinical lead nurse
+clinical lecturer
+clinical manager
+clinical nurse specialist
+clinical photographer
+clinical physiologist
+clinical project coordinator
+clinical psychologist
+clinical research associate
+clinical research fellow
+clinical respiratory physiologist
+clinical scientist
+clinical services manager
+clinical site manager
+clinical skills tutor
+clinical studies officer
+clinical study coordinator
+clinical study manager
+clinical support technician
+clinical support worker
+clinical teacher
+clinical team assistant
+clinical team leader
+clinical technician
+clinical technologist
+clinical trial administrator
+clinical trial assistant
+clinical trial associate
+clinical trial coordinator
+clinical trial manager
+clinical trial officer
+clinical trials administrator
+clinical trials assistant
+clinical trials coordinator
+clinical trials manager
+clinical trials monitor
+clinical trials officer
+clinical tutor
+clinic assistant
+clinic attendant
+clinic clerk
+clinic coordinator
+clinic manager
+clinker man
+clip dryer
+clipping presser
+clip sorter
+clip stretcher
+cloak room attendant
+cloakroom attendant
+cloakroom clerk
+clock assembler
+clock case maker
+clock cleaner
+clock fitter
+clock hand
+clock maker
+clock mechanic
+clock repairer
+clock winder
+clockwork repairer
+clog block maker
+clog maker
+close circuit television operator
+close protection officer
+closer driver
+closet cleaner
+closing machinist
+closing room operator
+cloth brusher
+cloth carboniser
+cloth cleaner
+cloth clipper
+cloth collector
+cloth cutler
+cloth cutter
+cloth designer
+cloth doubler
+cloth drawer
+cloth dresser
+cloth dryer
+cloth drying machinist
+cloth embosser
+clothes cleaner
+clothes designer
+clothes dyer
+clothes presser
+cloth examiner
+cloth finisher
+cloth folder
+clothier's cutter
+clothier's planner
+clothing assembler
+clothing club manager
+clothing cutter
+clothing designer
+clothing fitter
+clothing inspector
+clothing machinist
+clothing manager
+clothing manufacturer
+clothing packer
+clothing pattern cutter
+clothing pattern grader
+clothing presser
+clothing technologist
+cloth inspector
+cloth looker
+cloth maker-up
+cloth man
+cloth measurer
+cloth mender
+cloth miller
+cloth overlooker
+cloth passer
+cloth picker
+cloth pickler
+cloth pleater
+cloth presser
+cloth printer
+cloth raiser
+cloth scourer
+cloth sewer
+cloth shearer
+cloth sorter
+cloth splitter
+cloth stamper
+cloth stripper
+cloth tester
+cloth trimmer
+cloth viewer
+cloth washer
+cloth winder
+cloth worker
+club agent
+club attendant
+club collector
+club leader
+club manager
+club master
+club owner
+club secretary
+club steward
+cnc engineer
+cnc lathe turner
+cnc machine setter
+cnc machine setter-operator
+cnc machinist
+cnc miller
+cnc operator
+cnc press setter
+cnc programmer
+cnc setter
+cnc setter-operator
+cnc technician
+co2 welder
+coach attendant
+coach body maker
+coach builder
+coach building foreman
+coach cleaner
+coach driver
+coach examiner
+coach finisher
+coach fitter
+coach guide
+coach joiner
+coach maker
+coach maker's assistant
+coach operator
+coach painter
+coach repairer
+coach smith
+coach spring finisher
+coach spring furnaceman
+coach spring machinist
+coach trimmer
+coach trimming inspector
+coal attendant
+coal bagger
+coal blender
+coal breaker
+coal carrier
+coal carter
+coal charger
+coal cleaner
+coal controller
+coal crusher
+coal cutter
+coal cutterman
+coal cutter operator
+coal deliverer
+coal deliveryman
+coal digger
+coal factor
+coal filler
+coal foreman
+coal handler
+coal hauler
+coal heaver
+coal humper
+coal inspector
+coal leader
+coal loader
+coal man
+coal merchant
+coal miller
+coal miner
+coal operator
+coal plant attendant
+coal plant foreman
+coal porter
+coal screener
+coal sorter
+coal stower
+coal teemer
+coal tipper
+coal trimmer
+coal washer
+coal yard foreman
+coastal nature conservationist
+coast guard
+coastguard officer
+coastguard watch assistant
+coastguard watch officer
+coat finisher
+coat fitter
+coat hanger maker
+coating machinist
+coating man
+coating operator
+coat machinist
+coat maker
+cock fitter
+cockle picker
+cocktail waiter
+cocktail waitress
+cocoa bean sorter
+cocoa blender
+cocoa presser
+code controller
+coded welder
+coding clerk
+coffee barmaid
+coffee barman
+coffee blender
+coffee grinder
+coffee maid
+coffee planter
+coffee room maid
+coffee shop assistant
+coffee shop owner
+coffee stall attendant
+coffee stall keeper
+coffee taster
+coffin and casket maker
+coffin finisher
+coffin furnisher
+coffin maker
+coffin trimmer
+cogging roller
+cog maker
+cognitive behavioural therapist
+coil assembler
+coil bander
+coiler weigher
+coil finisher
+coil former
+coiling machine setter
+coiling machinist
+coil inserter
+coil inspector
+coil insulator
+coil maker
+coil presser
+coil repairer
+coil shearer
+coil smith
+coil taper
+coil tester
+coil tinner
+coil weigher and finisher
+coil winder
+coining presser
+coin maker
+coke car driver
+coke drawer
+coke filler
+coke grader
+coke grading plant attendant
+coke guide driver
+coke guide man
+coke inspector
+coke lifter
+coke loader
+coke man
+coke oven heater
+coke ovenman
+coke oven operator
+coke oven worker
+coke plant attendant
+coke quencher attendant
+coke screener
+coke tester
+coke washer
+coke worker
+cold caster
+cold end operator
+cold header
+cold lay spreader
+cold roll attendant
+cold roll catcher
+cold roller
+cold roll greaser
+cold room attendant
+cold smith
+cold stamper
+cold storage hand
+cold store fan man
+cold store manager
+cold store operative
+cold store operator
+cold store worker
+collar cutter
+collar finisher
+collar hand
+collar machinist
+collar maker
+collar presser
+collar shaper
+collar stamper
+collar stitcher
+collar turner
+collateral analyst
+collateral manager
+collating machinist
+collecting agent
+collection assistant
+collection controller
+collection driver
+collection manager
+collection officer
+collections associate
+collections controller
+collections manager
+collections officer
+college administrator
+college lecturer
+college porter
+college servant
+college steward
+collier assistant
+collier helper
+collier's assistant
+collier's helper
+colliery agent
+colliery button man
+colliery electrical engineer
+colliery engineer
+colliery fitter
+colliery manager
+colliery mechanic
+colliery mechanical engineer
+colliery surveyor
+colliery training officer
+colliery worker
+collotype machine manager
+collotype machinist
+colon hydrotherapist
+colorado beetle operator
+colour analyst
+colour blender
+colour calculator
+colour coater
+colour consultant
+colour dryer
+colour duster
+colour dyer
+coloured winder
+colour etcher
+colour film worker
+colour foreman
+colour grinder
+colour labeller
+colour maker
+colour matcher
+colour matcher's assistant
+colour mixer
+colour mixer's assistant
+colour padder
+colour preparer
+colour printer
+colour prover
+colour retoucher
+colour shop manager
+colour sprayer
+colour spreader
+colour spreader's assistant
+colour striker
+colour stylist
+colour technician
+colour therapist
+colour weigher and mixer
+colour worker
+column operator
+comb carder
+comber foreman
+comber tenter
+comb grinder
+combine operator
+combing finisher
+combing foreman
+combing jobber
+combing machinist
+combing operative
+combining machinist
+comb jobber
+comb leather maker
+comb maker
+comb mender
+comb minder
+comb quiller
+comb straightener
+comb tenter
+combustion engineer
+commanding officer
+command secretary
+commercial administrator
+commercial agent
+commercial analyst
+commercial apprentice
+commercial artist
+commercial assistant
+commercial designer
+commercial director
+commercial engineer
+commercial executive
+commercial guard
+commercial interviewer
+commercial manager
+commercial officer
+commercial operations manager
+commercial pilot
+commercial planning manager
+commercial representative
+commercial sales executive
+commercial salesman
+commercial secretary
+commercial supervisor
+commercial traveller
+commercial underwriter
+commission agent
+commission agent's assistant
+commission agents manager
+commissioned officer
+commissioning engineer
+commissioning manager
+commission salesman
+committee administrator
+committee clerk
+committee officer
+committee secretary
+commodities broker
+commodities trading executive
+commodity broker
+commodity consultant
+commodity trader
+communication engineer
+communications adviser
+communications aide
+communications assistant
+communications consultant
+communications controller
+communications engineer
+communications manager
+communications officer
+communications operator
+communications supervisor
+communications transcriber
+communication support worker
+communications voice analyst
+communication therapist
+community alarm officer
+community arts worker
+community assistant
+community beat manager
+community care assessor
+community care manager
+community care worker
+community centre manager
+community centre warden
+community charge clerk
+community cohesion officer
+community development officer
+community development worker
+community education worker
+community engagement manager
+community engagement officer
+community involvement manager
+community involvement officer
+community manager
+community matron
+community mental health assistant
+community mental health nurse
+community mental health worker
+community officer
+community outreach worker
+community project coordinator
+community relations officer
+community resource manager
+community safety manager
+community service officer
+community services manager
+community support officer
+community support worker
+community warden
+community worker
+commutator assembler
+commutator builder
+commutator hand
+commutator part maker
+commutator turner
+compact disc tester
+compactor operator
+company accountant
+company chairman
+company director
+company liquidator
+company officer
+company president
+company registrar
+company representative
+company secretary
+company treasurer
+compass adjuster
+compass maker
+compass mechanic
+compensation officer
+competency assessor
+compilation clerk
+complaint handler
+complaints manager
+complaints officer
+compliance assistant
+compliance manager
+compliance officer
+compliance surveillance analyst
+complimentary health practitioner
+complimentary medicine practitioner
+complimentary therapist
+compo grinder
+compo man
+compo moulder
+component assembler
+component inspector
+component presser
+components assembler
+components inspector
+components maker
+component viewer
+composing room manager
+composite fitter
+composite laminator
+composite operator
+composite technician
+composite worker
+composition attendant
+composition floor layer
+composition gilder
+composition grinder
+composition maker
+composition manager
+composition stone maker
+compound mixer
+comprehensive school teacher
+compressing machinist
+compression moulder
+compressor attendant
+compressor driver
+compressor hand
+compressor house attendant
+compressor man
+compressor operator
+compressor room attendant
+comptometer operator
+computational neuroscientist
+computer administration manager
+computer administrator
+computer aided design designer
+computer aided design draughtsman
+computer aided design engineer
+computer aided designer
+computer aided despatch operator
+computer analyst
+computer analyst programmer
+computer artist
+computer assembler
+computer assistant
+computer assisted design engineer
+computer auditor
+computer clerk
+computer consultant
+computer controller
+computer control supervisor
+computer coordinator
+computer data controller
+computer design engineer
+computer designer
+computer developer
+computer engineer
+computer games designer
+computer games tester
+computer help desk worker
+computer inputter
+computer installation manager
+computer instructor
+computer maintenance engineer
+computer maintenance fitter
+computer manager
+computer network system manager
+computer numerically control engineer
+computer officer
+computer operations controller
+computer operations manager
+computer operations team leader
+computer operative
+computer operator
+computer programmer
+computer project coordinator
+computer projects officer
+computer repairer
+computer salesman
+computer scientist
+computer security consultant
+computer service engineer
+computer service manager
+computer services manager
+computer service technician
+computer shift leader
+computer specialist
+computer support assistant
+computer support technician
+computer systems installer
+computer tape librarian
+computer technical consultant
+computer technical director
+computer technical manager
+computer technical specialist
+computer technician
+computer trainer
+computing officer
+computing technician
+conant tenter
+concave miller
+concert agent
+concert hall manager
+concert steward
+concession manager
+concessions manager
+conche man
+conciliation officer
+concrete assembler
+concrete batcher
+concrete block maker
+concrete block worker
+concrete caster
+concrete detailer
+concrete dresser
+concrete erector
+concrete finisher
+concrete floor layer
+concrete foreman
+concrete layer
+concrete leveller
+concrete maker
+concrete mixer
+concrete mixer attendant
+concrete mixer driver
+concrete moulder
+concrete operative
+concrete paving machinist
+concrete pipe tester
+concrete plant operator
+concrete pump driver
+concrete pump operator
+concrete repairer
+concrete spinner
+concrete stone maker
+concrete technician
+concrete worker
+condenser attendant
+condenser builder
+condenser hand
+condenser machinist
+condenser maker
+condenser man
+condenser minder
+condenser tenter
+conditioner attendant
+cone rover
+cone winder
+confectioner and tobacconist assistant
+confectioner's assistant
+confectionery hand
+confectionery maker
+confectionery picker
+confectionery worker
+conference administrator
+conference and banqueting assistant
+conference and banqueting manager
+conference and exhibition organiser
+conference assistant
+conference call coordinator
+conference centre manager
+conference consultant
+conference coordinator
+conference manager
+conference officer
+conference organiser
+conference producer
+conference representative
+confidential clerk
+confidential secretary
+confidential shredder
+configuration engineer
+configuration manager
+connection moulder
+conservancy officer
+conservation adviser
+conservation manager
+conservation officer
+conservation worker
+conservatory erector
+consignment manager
+console operator
+consol operator
+constituency organiser
+constructional engineer
+constructional engineering foreman
+constructional fitter
+constructional machinist
+constructional plant operator
+constructional plater
+constructional sheeter
+construction consultant
+construction director
+construction engineer
+construction foreman
+construction labourer
+construction manager
+construction operative
+construction planner
+construction supervisor
+construction worker
+consular assistant
+consular officer
+consultant anaesthetist
+consultant engineer
+consultant nephrologist
+consultant obstetrician
+consultant physician
+consultant psychiatrist
+consultant radiologist
+consultant surgeon
+consultation officer
+consulting chemist
+consulting civil engineer
+consulting engineer
+consumer adviser
+consumer clerk
+consumer controller
+consumer insights manager
+consumer protection officer
+consumer rights advice worker
+consumer scientist
+consumers engineer
+consumer services clerk
+contact centre adviser
+contact centre agent
+contact centre operator
+contact lens assistant
+contact lens optician
+contact lens presser
+contact lens technician
+contact printer
+contact supervisor
+container controller
+container terminals manager
+contaminated land engineer
+contaminated land specialist
+content analyst
+content coordinator
+content editor
+content officer
+content producer
+continuity clerk
+continuous filament maker
+continuous improvement coordinator
+continuous improvement engineer
+continuous improvement manager
+continuous improvement officer
+contour weaver
+contract administrator
+contract adviser
+contract controller
+contract engineer
+contract manager
+contract officer
+contractor builder
+contractor's agent
+contractor's engineer
+contractor's foreman
+contractor's labourer
+contractor's man
+contracts assistant
+contracts consultant
+contracts controller
+contracts coordinator
+contracts director
+contracts engineer
+contracts manager
+contracts officer
+contracts supervisor
+contract supervisor
+contract worker
+control assistant
+control board attendant
+control centre operator
+control clerk
+control driver
+control engineer
+controller assistant
+controller driver
+controller fitter
+controller hand
+controller repairer
+controlling officer
+control officer
+control operator
+control room assistant
+control room despatcher
+control room officer
+control room operator
+control room supervisor
+control room technician
+control systems engineer
+convalescent home owner
+converter controller
+converter man
+conveyancing assistant
+conveyancing clerk
+conveyancing executive
+conveyancing manager
+conveyancing secretary
+conveyer controller
+conveyor assembler
+conveyor attendant
+conveyor belt machinist
+conveyor belt maker
+conveyor belt worker
+conveyor builder
+conveyor driver
+conveyor erector
+conveyor extender
+conveyor feeder
+conveyor filler
+conveyor fitter
+conveyor hand
+conveyor loader
+conveyor maintenance man
+conveyor man
+conveyor mover
+conveyor operator
+conveyor puller
+conveyor remover
+conveyor repairer
+conveyor shifter
+conveyor transfer point attendant
+conveyor turner
+cooker operator
+cookery assistant
+cook house assistant
+cook's assistant
+cook's mate
+cooler attendant
+cooler hand
+cooler man
+cooper's labourer
+cooper's machinist
+coordinating engineer
+cop collector
+cop dyer
+copier engineer
+cop packer
+copperas heap man
+copper band turner
+copper bath attendant
+copper baths attendant
+copper bender
+copper coiler
+copper engraver
+copper etcher
+copper former
+copperhead worker
+copper minder
+copper moulder
+copper pan smith
+copper plate engraver
+copper plater
+copper sidesman
+copper smith
+copper smith's assistant
+copper sprayer
+copper strip worker
+copper tinner
+copper winder
+copper worker
+coppice worker
+copping frame minder
+copping frame tenter
+cop reeler
+copse cutter
+cop stripper
+cop twister
+cop winder
+copy colourist
+copy editor
+copy holder
+copying machinist
+copy inputter
+copy printer
+copyright manager
+copy taker
+copy typist
+copy writer
+cord dyer
+cord finisher
+cording machinist
+cordite charger
+cordite worker
+cord maker
+cord repairer
+cord spinner
+cord waxer
+core assembler
+core blower
+core builder
+core cleaner
+core cutting machinist
+core dipper
+core dresser
+core driller
+core dryer
+core fettler
+core filer
+core inspector
+core layer
+core maker
+core moulder
+core network engineer
+core oven attendant
+core setter
+core shop worker
+core stove attendant
+core turner
+core winder
+cork block maker
+cork cutter
+cork docker
+cork fitter
+cork frame maker
+cork hook tier
+cork machinist
+cork sorter
+cork tiler
+cork turner
+cornelly machinist
+cornely machinist
+corn grinder
+corn miller
+corn mill worker
+coroner's officer
+corporate account executive
+corporate actions analyst
+corporate affairs manager
+corporate banking officer
+corporate communications writer
+corporate development manager
+corporate finance executive
+corporate manager
+corporate services manager
+corporation secretary
+correspondence assistant
+correspondence clerk
+corrosion engineer
+corrugated iron sheeter
+corrugating machinist
+corset cutter
+corset lacer
+corset machinist
+corset maker
+corsetry consultant
+corsetry fitter
+corset seamer
+corticine maker
+cosmetic maker
+cosmetic mixer
+cosmetics assembler
+cosmetics consultant
+cost accountant
+cost administrator
+cost analyst
+cost and management accountant
+cost and works accountant
+cost assistant
+cost clerk
+cost consultant
+cost controller
+cost development officer
+cost draftsman
+cost engineer
+cost estimator
+costing assistant
+costing clerk
+costing engineer
+costing manager
+cost manager
+costs draftsman
+costume cutter
+costume designer
+costume maker
+cotton breaker
+cotton carder
+cotton card operator
+cotton cutter
+cotton drawer
+cotton feeder
+cotton lapper
+cotton mill worker
+cotton mixer
+cotton operative
+cotton picker
+cotton piecer
+cotton room man
+cotton room worker
+cotton supervisor
+cotton sweeper
+cotton tenter
+cotton twister
+cotton winder
+cotton worker
+council tax manager
+council tax officer
+counsellor psychotherapist
+counter assistant
+counter clerk
+counter fraud specialist
+counter manager
+counter salesman
+counter service assistant
+counter sinker
+counter supervisor
+counter turner
+country park officer
+countryside access officer
+countryside adviser
+countryside manager
+countryside officer
+countryside ranger
+countryside warden
+county analyst
+county court registrar
+county divisional surveyor
+county engineer
+county planning adviser
+county secretary
+county surveyor
+county treasurer
+coupling connector
+coupling maker
+coupon checker
+coupon sorter
+courier driver
+courier service owner
+course administrator
+course clerk
+course director
+course leader
+course tutor
+court administrative officer
+court administrator
+court assistant
+court attendant
+court bailiff
+court clerk
+court enforcement officer
+court keeper
+court legal adviser
+court logger
+court manager
+court officer
+court official
+court reporter
+courts administrator
+court supporter
+court usher
+covenant administrator
+cover maker
+cover supervisor
+cow keeper
+crab dresser
+crack detector
+cracker hand
+cracker maker
+cracker plant operator
+cracker unit attendant
+craft assistant
+craft attendant
+craft auxiliary
+craft designer
+craft instructor
+craft painter
+craftsman's mate
+craft supervisor
+craft worker
+crane attendant
+crane banksman
+crane cleaner
+crane driver
+crane driver's assistant
+crane driver's mate
+crane engineer
+crane fitter
+crane follower
+crane hoister
+crane inspector
+crane latcher
+crane man
+crane operator
+crane service manager
+crane tenter
+crank maker
+crank shaft balancer
+crankshaft grinder
+crank shaft straightener
+crankshaft turner
+crank turner
+crate maker
+crate maker's machinist
+crate mender
+crate repairer
+crawler driver
+crayon maker
+cream cup maker
+creamery hand
+creamery worker
+cream hand
+cream maker
+creative consultant
+creative director
+creative manager
+creative services officer
+creative writer
+crèche assistant
+crèche attendant
+crèche helper
+crèche leader
+crèche supervisor
+crèche worker
+credit agent
+credit analyst
+credit assessment manager
+credit card manager
+credit claim coordinator
+credit clearer
+credit collector
+credit control administrator
+credit control assistant
+credit control clerk
+credit controller
+credit control manager
+credit control officer
+credit control supervisor
+credit draper
+credit drapers traveller
+credit investigator
+credit manager
+credit representative
+credit risk analyst
+credit risk manager
+credit salesman
+credit scoring analyst
+credit supervisor
+credit trader
+credit vetting officer
+creeper attendant
+crematorium assistant
+crematorium attendant
+crematorium furnace attendant
+crematorium manager
+crematorium operator
+crematorium technician
+crepe setter
+crewing officer
+crew manager
+crew member
+crew trainer
+cricket ball maker
+cricket ball stitcher
+cricket bat maker
+cricket ground manager
+cricket scorer
+crime analyst
+crime prevention engineer
+crime prevention officer
+crime reporting bureau operator
+crime scene investigator
+criminal intelligence analyst
+crimp spinner
+crinkled paper machinist
+crisis support worker
+critical care technologist
+crochet worker
+croft hand
+crop harvester
+cropper operator
+cropping machinist
+crop sprayer
+crop spraying contractor
+crop worker
+cross baller
+cross borer and cutter
+cross brushing machinist
+cross cut sawyer
+crossing attendant
+crossing gate keeper
+crossing keeper
+crossing patrol
+crossing patroller
+crossing patrolman
+crossing warden
+cross piecer
+cross roller
+crossword compiler
+crown advocate
+crown labourer
+crown prosecutor
+crucible finisher
+crucible maker
+crucible maker's assistant
+crucible man
+crucible worker
+crusher attendant
+crusher driver
+crusher feeder
+crusher minder
+crusher operator
+crushing plant foreman
+cryogenic engineer
+crystal maker
+cssd assistant
+cuber operator
+cullet washer
+cupel man
+cup maker
+cupola attendant
+cupola builder
+cupola charger
+cupola fettler
+cupola foreman
+cupola furnaceman
+cupola hand
+cupola man
+cupola patcher
+cupola repairer
+cupola tenter
+cup seamer
+curatorial assistant
+curb maker
+curing bag fitter
+curing machinist
+curriculum adviser
+curriculum development adviser
+curriculum development officer
+curriculum support assistant
+curtain finisher
+curtain fitter
+curtain folder
+curtain maker
+curtain waller
+curtain wall fixer
+cushion filler
+cushion maker
+cushion slipper
+cushion stuffer
+custody guard
+custody officer
+customer account manager
+customer adviser
+customer advocate
+customer assistant
+customer associate
+customer care adviser
+customer care assistant
+customer care associate
+customer care consultant
+customer care coordinator
+customer care manager
+customer care officer
+customer engineer
+customer experience manager
+customer liaison assistant
+customer liaison clerk
+customer liaison manager
+customer liaison officer
+customer liaison supervisor
+customer management adviser
+customer manager
+customer relations adviser
+customer relations assistant
+customer relations executive
+customer relations manager
+customer relations officer
+customer relations representative
+customer service administrator
+customer service adviser
+customer service agent
+customer service assistant
+customer service associate
+customer service clerk
+customer service consultant
+customer service coordinator
+customer service director
+customer service engineer
+customer service manager
+customer service officer
+customer service operative
+customer service operator
+customer service representative
+customer services adviser
+customer services agent
+customer services assistant
+customer services clerk
+customer services development manager
+customer services director
+customer services executive
+customer services manager
+customer services officer
+customer services operator
+customer service specialist
+customer services representative
+customer services superintendent
+customer services supervisor
+customer services team leader
+customer service supervisor
+customer service team manager
+customer service team member
+customer solution architect
+customer solutions architect
+customer support analyst
+customer support manager
+customer support supervisor
+customer team member
+customs and excise officer
+customs attendant
+customs officer
+customs watcher
+cutlery assembler
+cutlery case maker
+cutlery etcher
+cutlery glazer
+cutlery grinder
+cutlery polisher
+cutlery wiper
+cutlery worker
+cut nail maker
+cut-off man
+cutter grinder
+cutter improver
+cutter's assistant
+cutter's helper
+cutter turner
+cutting and wrapping machinist
+cutting machinist
+cutting room assistant
+cutting shop foreman
+cuttling machinist
+cycle assembler
+cycle builder
+cycle cleaner
+cycle component fitter
+cycle engineer
+cycle examiner
+cycle finisher
+cycle fitter
+cycle hand
+cycle liner
+cycle machinist
+cycle maker
+cycle polisher
+cycle repairer
+cycle viewer
+cycle worker
+cycling instructor
+cylinder attendant
+cylinder block maker
+cylinder borer
+cylinder dryer
+cylinder drying oven attendant
+cylinder filler
+cylinder grinder
+cylinder houseman
+cylinder inspector
+cylinder machinist
+cylinder moulder
+cylinder preparer
+cylinder tester
+cylinder tester-rectifier
+cylindrical grinder
+cypher officer
+cytological technician
+cytology screener
+dab maker
+daily help
+daily house keeper
+daily servant
+dairy assistant
+dairy consultant
+dairy engineer
+dairy foreman
+dairy hand
+dairy manager
+dairyman's assistant
+dairy operative
+dairy worker
+damper fuse setter
+damping machinist
+damp proofer
+dance hall attendant
+dance hall manager
+dance hall owner
+dance instructor
+dance lecturer
+dance movement therapist
+dance teacher
+dancing partner
+dancing school owner
+dancing teacher
+dandy roll maker
+dandy rover
+dark room assistant
+darkroom technician
+darning machinist
+data administrator
+data analyst
+data architect
+database administrator
+database analyst
+database architect
+database designer
+database developer
+database inputter
+data base manager
+database manager
+database programmer
+data capture manager
+data capture operator
+data centre manager
+data collection agent
+data collector
+data comms analyst
+data communications analyst
+data communications manager
+data control clerk
+data engineer
+data entry clerk
+data entry operator
+data input operator
+data inputter
+datal hand
+datal man
+datal worker
+data manager
+data networking specialist
+data preparation officer
+data preparation operator
+data preparation team leader
+data preparation team supervisor
+data processing clerk
+data processing manager
+data processing officer
+data processing supervisor
+data processor
+data protection officer
+data scientist

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