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From Everett Anderson <>
Subject Hadoop InputFormat/RecordReducer and Writable reuse
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2016 22:39:52 GMT

I recently implemented a Hadoop InputFormat that returns the raw bytes of
each record as a BytesWritable rather than as Text (as in TextInputFormat,
which assumes that the input is UTF-8).

One thing I noticed is that Hadoop RecordReader
implementations generally
Writable instance across multiple {getCurrentKey() + getCurrentValue()}
calls for efficiency, though this isn't documented.

Crunch handles this for Text because Writables.strings() uses this

  private static final MapFn<Text, String> TEXT_TO_STRING = new MapFn<Text,
String>() {
    public String map(Text input) {
      return input.toString();

and toString() will create a copy of Text's data.

However, here is its corresponding map implementation for Writables.bytes():

  private static final MapFn<BytesWritable, ByteBuffer> BW_TO_BB = new
MapFn<BytesWritable, ByteBuffer>() {
    public ByteBuffer map(BytesWritable input) {
      return ByteBuffer.wrap(input.getBytes(), 0, input.getLength());

since ByteBuffer.wrap() will still reference BytesWritable()'s internal
state, and the BytesWritable instance is reused across multiple records,
this causes problems in Crunch if the BytesWritable came from a

One work-around is to construct a new WritableType that uses a MapFn that
creates a copy of the data, and only use it when reading from a Hadoop
InputFormat that returns a BytesWritable.

Is there a more general way to solve this?

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