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From Danny Morgan <>
Subject RE: Trouble with Avro records
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2014 20:10:30 GMT
Hi Josh,



Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2014 13:04:29 -0700
Subject: Re: Trouble with Avro records

That feels like an AvroMode-related exception; which version of Crunch are you using?

On Thu, Aug 21, 2014 at 12:45 PM, Danny Morgan <> wrote:

Hi Guys,

Love crunch but having some trouble recently using Avro records. I think someone needs to
write a Crunch book.

I'm trying to aggregate hourly visits to a page by each user. I do one pass to parse the records
and then I try to "group by" unique users and hour and count the number of times they visited
as well as their first visit time in the hour. Here's the Avro schema

{"namespace": "com.test",
 "type": "record",
 "name": "Visit",
 "fields": [
     {"name": "dateid", "type": "int"},            // Year Month Day Hour in PST as an integer
e.g. 2014081103

     {"name": "userid", "type": "string"}, 
     {"name": "vcount",  "type": ["long", "null"]},
     {"name": "firsttimestamp",  "type": ["long", "null"]} // Unixtime stamp of first visit


Here I do the parsing, at first vcount and firstvisit aren't set.

PTable<Visit, Pair<Long, Long>> visits = parsed.parallelDo("visits-parsing", new
          Avros.tableOf(Avros.specifics(Visit.class), Avros.pairs(Avros.longs(), Avros.longs())));

The relevant line from VisitsExtractor:
emitter.emit(Pair.of(visit, Pair.of(1L, log.timestamp())));

Everything up to this point works fine, now I want to count up the unique visitors and the
minimum timestamp.

        PTable<Visit, Pair<Long, Long>> agg = visits.groupByKey().combineValues(Aggregators.pairAggregator(Aggregators.SUM_LONGS(),

The above seems to work fine too, now I want to create new Visit classes and fill in the count
and minimum timestamp fields.

        PCollection<Visit> count_visits = agg.parallelDo("visits-count", new DoFn<Pair<Visit,
Pair<Long, Long>>, Visit>() {
          public void process(Pair<Visit, Pair<Long, Long>> p, Emitter<Visit>
emitter) {

            Visit v = Visit.newBuilder(p.first()).build();
       }, Avros.specifics(Visit.class));


     count_visits.write(To.textFile(outputPath), WriteMode.OVERWRITE);

Here's the error:
2014-08-21 15:09:26,245 ERROR run.CrunchReducer ( - Reducer
java.lang.ClassCastException: org.apache.avro.generic.GenericData$Record cannot be cast to

        at com.test.Logs$1.process(
        at com.test.Logs$1.process(

So I'm pretty sure the problem is this line:

Visit v = Visit.newBuilder(p.first()).build();

specifically p.first() should be a Visit type but I guess it isn't. I assume the output of
the groupBy operation in the reducers is serializing the key but not using the correct Avro
type to do it?

Also I don't think I understand when I should be using Avros.records() versus Avros.specifics()
when I have a generated avro file.




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