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From Dierickx Dominique <>
Subject Fwd: Too many Crunch output counters
Date Thu, 16 Jan 2014 16:40:19 GMT
We're having some trouble with the amount of counters that Crunch creates
when writing to a lot of different output files (slightly more than 120).
This wouldn't be an issue if we were able to configure the maximum number
of allowed counters but unfortunately, because we are running an older
version of Hadoop, doing this is not an option and we are required to patch
Crunch locally when using a new release to leave out the counters. The
required patch (one line...) can be found in the attachment.

I'm not saying the counters should be removed but maybe it is an option to
make them configurable without paying too much of a performance penalty?

Dominique Dierickx

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