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From Matthias Friedrich <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Crunch 0.7.0 RC0
Date Sat, 27 Jul 2013 16:40:23 GMT
Hi Ashish,

thanks for checking the distribution! See answers below.

On Saturday, 2013-07-27, Ashish wrote:
> 1. IMHO, need not pkg junit and mockito jars

The reason junit and mockito are distributed is that they are a
dependency of crunch-test. I think some time ago we agreed to
eliminate crunch-test as soon as the TemporaryPath class that we
contributed to mrunit is available on an mrunit release (1.1?).
Until then, we have to bear with these additional jars (and the
licensing stuff that comes with them).

> 2. NOTICE file is missing mention of some jars packaged like xz-1.0.jar,
> scala libs etc (Not an expert on this, but I think you need to mention them
> as you are packaging them)

All jars that we package have entries in the LICENSE file. Entries in
the NOTICE file are only required for packages that have an explicit
advertising clause in their license (the Apache License is a
well-known case, but we handle all ASF packages in one statement). If
you find a packaged jar that has an advertising clause and isn't
mentioned in NOTICE, then this is a serious problem and would be a
reason to halt the release process.

I went to great lengths to check all dependencies and I don't see
any dependency changes since 0.6.0 other than version bumps. But if
there's anything we missed, please do tell :)


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