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From Matthias Friedrich <>
Subject Building trouble
Date Sat, 30 Mar 2013 09:13:42 GMT

I've got weird and potentially embarrassing build problems :)

$ rm -r ~/.m2/repository
$ git clone
$ cd crunch
$ mvn install
cannot find symbol
[ERROR] symbol  : class WritableComparator
[ERROR] location: class org.apache.crunch.lib.sort.Comparators

Obviously, WritableComparator is there, both in Hadoop 1 and 2 and
nobody touched dependencies in a while. I'm using Maven 3.0.4 and
Oracle JDK 1.6.0_33 which worked before.

This popped up suddenly, probably around the time when I deleted my m2
cache for some reason (Jenkins is still happy, perhaps because we
don't clear the m2 cache). Older versions (before e20cbf08) worked
fine. Does this look familiar to anyone?


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