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From Matthias Friedrich <>
Subject The future of crunch-test
Date Wed, 27 Mar 2013 10:38:27 GMT

I think the reason why we created crunch-test originally was that
someone (probably Josh ;-)) needed the TemporaryPath class for some
other project. We recently managed to get this into MRUnit
[MRUNIT-162], so this reason no longer exists. Also, JUnit 4.11
fixed some Scala-related problem with the @Rule mechanism, so another
workaround is no longer needed.

I've never been happy with crunch-test - we're not in the business
of building test frameworks that aren't really related to Crunch
(remember, crunch depends on crunch-test, not the other way round)
and its dependencies caused us a lot of licensing trouble with the 
binary distribution.

If we dropped crunch-test after MRUnit 1.1 is released, we could
get rid of 6 individual licenses (junit, hamcrest-core, mockito-all,
which includes cglib, asm, and objenesis), 5 of which aren't Apache
licensed and one even requires a NOTICE entry. I might even throw in a
test suite refactoring to get rid of our Project Gutenberg, err,
dependency ;-)

What do you think?



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