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From Matthias Friedrich <>
Subject Re: About status web page
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2013 07:30:07 GMT
On Wednesday, 2013-02-27, Chao Shi wrote:
> I'm developing a complex pipeline (30+ MRs plus lots of joins). I have a
> hard time to understand which part of the pipeline spends most running time
> and how much intermediate output does it produce. Crunch's optimization
> work is great, but it makes the execution plan difficult to be understood.
> Each time I modified the pipeline, I have to dump the dot file and run
> graphviz to generate a new picture and examine if there's anything wrong.
> About security, I'm not familiar with how Hadoop does it. I will try to
> reuse hadoop's HttpServer (does it have something to do with security?).
> The bottom line is to make this feature disabled by default, and let users
> enable it at their own risk.

OK, sounds good.

> If this feature is enabled, the user can choose to use unused port or
> specified port. I haven't got an idea that how the user know the randomly
> picked port (via log?) . I will be working on a prototype version first,
> and see if the status page is generally useful.

Yeah, logging the URL would probably be the only thing that works. Not
counting fancy stuff like MDNS ;-)

In my opinion, we should try to get this done with the dependencies that
we already get through Hadoop. Each additional library we add to Crunch
will cause interoperability problems for someone.


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