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From Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli <>
Subject Re: Maven site markup language
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2012 18:45:16 GMT

We've been using APT for Hadoop. It's very simple. The only limitation is the inability to
do custom styling. Don't think that is a big requirement here.

Maven has moved beyond XDoc for various reasons. Not sure if we want to go back.

Don't know about Markdown. Breadcrumbs aren't needed, but build error messages should be good
enough I think.

Confluence - the downside is the docs and site versioning which is very painful.

So, in summary, +1 for APT, it is simple and it works.


On Jul 11, 2012, at 11:22 AM, Matthias Friedrich wrote:

> Hi,
> I set up the new Maven site using Markdown because we already had one
> document in Markdown syntax. I think before we add more documentation
> we should decide for a Doxia module [1] before it's too late :)
> With Doxia we have the following alternatives:
> XDoc is the old Maven 1 format that is still used by many Apache
> projects. It uses XML which makes it a bit unpleasant to use,
> especially for code examples.
> APT is the main Maven 2 format. We use it extensively at work, but
> it's the worst plain-text markup language I've ever used. You can get
> used to it though and it works.
> Markdown is pretty popular on Github. It has its weird corners and
> the Doxia module seems pretty young. The error messages it generates
> weren't very helpful to me and breadcrumbs are broken (do we need
> them?).
> Confluence/Textile has the advantage that you *might* be able to copy
> and paste stuff from the wiki to the Maven site. I don't know how
> well the module works.
> So, which one do you want to use?
> Regards,
> Matthias
> [1]

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