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From Karl Heinz Marbaise <>
Subject Re: [jira] [Commented] (RAT-220) JDK version 1.6
Date Mon, 12 Sep 2016 06:05:45 GMT

On 11/09/16 23:43, P. Ottlinger wrote:
> Hi,
> Am 11.09.2016 um 23:03 schrieb Karl Heinz Marbaise:
>> So that was my suggestion to increase the minimum JDK versions which is
>> needed to run/build RAT/Tentacles/Whiskers to JDK 6...make at least one
>> release and move forward to JDK 7 make another release and move forward
>> to JDK 8...This means you have always a base release on which you can
>> make bug fix (or if really needed backports) releases for the
>> appropriate JDK requirements...
> +1 for that strategy and retirement of JDK5.
>> Not to talk about JDK 9 next year (which is not very far in the future)...
>> Apart from that Tentacles as well as Whiskers need releases at all...
>> cause I can't see any release on Maven Central of them...
>> Tentacles shows 0.1-SNAPSHOT ? (if the bottom line is related 2012?) ?
>> Whiskers shows 0.1-SNAPSHOT (last updated 2013 ?)
>> For RAT that 0.12 has been released about three months ago,  but before
>> that it has taken 2 years for a release ? I think this is the problem
>> not the users...
> To my mind the problem is much more general:
> tentacles and whisker were developed mainly by the former project lead
> (sorry if that's not the correct wording).

There does not exist a kind as project lead. The lead is the community 
no one else.

I need to think about Whiskers and Tentacles...may be we can improve the 
idea here ...

> After he left the code base was left as-is ... I'm unaware of any real
> users of the SNAPSHOTs which resulted in the current state of the
> subprojects.

Sure I don't expect having users if nothing is available via Central or 
nor at least one release...and make the release public..and may be write 
some kind of blog / articles about it...

> RAT was mainly in bugfix-mode since other ASF projects requested newer
> features or created bug tickets in Jira.

So this means we have a community here...may be it a little small but 
there is one...

So I hope we are not in bug fix mode...which means we have no new ideas 
? We should document the ideas into JIRA ...May be some more general 
idea how to define licenses (a kind of format to describe them or reuse 
an existing one? needs some reasearch?)

 > Therefore I was quite happy to
> have the gradle plugin contributed.

Why is not part of the current development? Who are/is the contributor?

We should move forward here...for the gradle plugin as well as maven 
plugin as well as the code...

> The project lacks active developers and an overall strategy on what to
> do and how to reach it -

I don't like those words "strategy" simply write the wishes/ideas we 
have in JIRA and try to drill down into smaller tasks and implement it...

> why don't we develop a strategy how to reach 1.0.0 for RAT?

To be honsted I don't like to write down strategy papers and see later 
that it will not be reached etc. so it's not worth the effort...

We should simply start to move forward to JDK 6 for RAT and see what 
kind of issues we could fix...This means document the thing we would 
like to change into JIRA...

 From my point of view there are some point which are very important:
(Ok you can call it a strategy ;-))

1. Make a release easy
2. Make the publishing of the site easy (good path started)
3. Create a better build structure (parent pom, clean up poms etc.)
4. Change to a semver versioning. (like 0.12.0 / 0.13.0)
    Make a consistent line like groupId / package names..
5. Fixing Issues we have in JIRA
6. Make CLI / Plugins / Maven / Gradle better..
7. Think about new ideas / Improvements ? (Performance?)

> I'd love to see it with a current JDK and a gradle plugin integrated.

> @karlheinz: thanks for your input and fresh ideas!
> Phil

Kind regards
Karl Heinz Marbaise

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