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From Karl Heinz Marbaise <>
Subject Re: Creadur Web Site
Date Sat, 03 Sep 2016 22:10:59 GMT

On 03/09/16 20:27, P. Ottlinger wrote:
> Hi Karlheinz,
> thanks for your input.
> Before we do that I'd like to fix the currently broken site -
> the mvn-site-reports of the subprojects are not linked correctly.

I have setup an example site:

which works. I had to add an index.apt.vm page for apache-rat-api module 

So the cookbook to create the site (first edition) is as follows:

1. Step

    mvn clean install

    Trying to do "mvn site" does not work, cause the aggegrate goal
    of maven-javadoc-plugin forks the lifecycle which means
    it tries to run "mvn generate-resources" for all modules, but
    at that time the jar's have not being generated which produces
    a failure.

2. Step

    mvn site site:stage

    This can be separated into two steps:

    mvn site

    mvn site:stage

    (The site:stage is needed to gather all modules together
     into a single directory where you can test from) and
     where you publish from...

3. Step

    Transfer content of target/staging
    (manually done to gh-pages branch for above example which works).

Kind regards
Karl Heinz

> Before we decide upon changing the way we build/generate the site we
> should fix it or document how it's done correctly.
> You can see what I mean by errors at
> (generated from trunk on 2016-08-29).
> Thanks for your help :-)
> Phil
> Am 03.09.2016 um 15:01 schrieb Karl Heinz Marbaise:
>> With [2] you have started to request informations to use the gitpubsub
>> or svnpubsub but not yet decided if you need a site for the overall project
>> creadur-site.git
>> or only for the RAT part..
>> creadur-rat-site.git
>> Based on [1] the content needed to be kept in SVN branch...and will be
>> replicated to the git site...
>> Should I request the the repo ? for the
>> whole creadur-site.git ?

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