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From sebb <>
Subject Re: [jira] [Commented] (RAT-163) Gradle Rat plugin
Date Mon, 28 Sep 2015 11:16:34 GMT
On 27 September 2015 at 19:03, P. Ottlinger <> wrote:
> Hi fellow devs,
> maybe I'm still misunderstanding the problem, but shouldn't we thank
> contributors instead of blaming them for our poor architecture and our
> ancient usage of JDKs?!

In what way is the architecture poor?

The minimum JDK supported by RAT should not prevent RAT from being
used with later JDKs.

> Am 27.09.2015 um 16:51 schrieb Jochen Wiedmann (JIRA):
>>     [
>> Jochen Wiedmann commented on RAT-163:
>> -------------------------------------
>> [~eskatos]
>> Would you be able to provide a patch, that removes the Gradle plugin out of the "apache-rat-project",
and into a separate subproject of Creadur? I think that would make more sense in the medium
term. Right now, the Gradle plugin is an obstacle for the development of the Rat core, because
we don't really control it.
> There are projects that want to use RAT+gradle ... since gradle is not
> as ancient it works with JDK7 only ....
> Why should we separate the gradle-plugin as a result?
> ANT, CLI and maven are not separated as well.

These have a lower minimum JDK requirement.

However I wonder why we bundle the Ant plugin build in with Maven.
Ant and Maven are independent build systems.
An Ant-only shop is forced to use Maven to build RAT.

We should probably split the project into a standalone core (CLI) and
then have plugins for the various build systems.

There will be another flavour of the month after Gradle, and trying to
cram them all into one build seems wrong.

> I'm in favour of upgrading RAT as a whole instead of telling people to
> make new projects .... we are the maintainers of RAT and we want people
> to use it; thus we should make it easy for all the coming incubating
> projects to work with RAT instead of choosing one of the many working
> alternatives outside of the ASF world.

> If I'm still with JDK5 I wouldn't mind not being able to upgrade RAT or
> to use it with gradle - JDK9 is coming .....

Not sure I follow that last para.

> Just my 2ct
> Phil

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