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From sebb AT ASF <>
Subject Re: Error when generating release notes ffor Rat
Date Wed, 30 Sep 2015 16:53:50 GMT
On 30 September 2015 at 16:35, Jochen Wiedmann
<> wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 30, 2015 at 5:15 PM, sebb AT ASF <> wrote:
>> The release-notes profile is intended to be run as follows:
>> mvn changes:announcement-generate -Prelease-notes -Dchanges.version=0.12
> Same error message, AFAICT.
> Thanks for looking into the issue.

Turns out it was a problem with the indent calculation.
The VM needs to know the JIRA id (i.e. RAT).
It was using a commons property which of course did not exist.

I've fixed it in trunk and the 0.12 branch.

There were also some errors in the changes.xml file.

We should decide whether we are happy to have the RN show the changes
just for the current release.

This is easier for the RM as the vm script does not have to be updated.
However users have to check the website for the changes in previous releases.
[And we need to ensure that the details have been transferred from the
existing RN, but we should do that anyway]

So long as the RN contain the current changes and a link to the full
change history that's fine by me.


> Jochen
> --
> The next time you hear: "Don't reinvent the wheel!"

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