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From "P. Ottlinger" <>
Subject Re: Build failed in Jenkins: Creadur-Rat #274 / RAT builds fail / time to update our JDK target version?
Date Sat, 26 Sep 2015 19:17:01 GMT
Hi all,

please let me rephrase my concerns ....
there are people that wait for a new RAT release and would like to use
the newly contributed gradle plugin.

Since we rely on a source code compatibility of JDK1.5 the build fails ...
thus we may not just upgrade our builds to use >=Java7, but need to
decide what we want:
a) stay with ancient java versions and separate the gradle plugin?
b) upgrade our animal-sniffer to enforce Java7 and integrate the gradle
plugin (RAT-163)?

Personaly I'd vote for b) which would allow to modernize our codebase as
a side-effect.

Apart from these technical reasons the codebase of RAT for mvn, ant and
CLI is so scattered that I would not want to add gradle with a totally
different infrastructure - IMHO this would make RAT even more
unmaintainable as it is right now.

Any opinions?

Should we vote on what to do?

To my mind it's important to have green builds again and to be able to
release ....


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