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From Philippe Ombredanne <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Introducing ScanCode, a new tool to scan code for open source code licenses and origin.
Date Thu, 23 Jul 2015 13:07:31 GMT
ScanCode is a new tool to scan code for open source licenses and origin.

I thought it could be of use for some people at Creadur, hence this
one-time announce post.

It could be use to review third-party libraries inclusions,
or as part of a pre-release check or when receiving new
contributions and or for new incubating projects which I reckon
is part of what Creadur is about.

ScanCode tries to identify the license and origin of the third-party
code using rules and specialized parsers to detect copyrights,
licenses and other provenance clues in the code itself.

This is a command line tool, Apache-licensed, primarily coded in
Python, intensively tested, and hopefully made to be easy to use and
hack. It runs on Linux, Mac and Windows.


Feedback welcomed.

Philippe Ombredanne

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