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From Robert Burrell Donkin <>
Subject Preparing to Release Whisker 0.1 [WAS Re: Prepare to Release Whisker 0.1...?]
Date Sat, 03 Aug 2013 19:11:26 GMT
On 08/01/13 20:21, Robert Burrell Donkin wrote:
> Apache CloudStack[1] (as well as Apache James) uses Whisker to help
> generate their licensing information. It would be great to get a first
> release out there for Whisker.

Hopefully, Whisker should be ready for a 0.1 release now. If anyone has 
a few cycles to spare, please checkout the latest source, build and give 
it a spin.

Unless anyone jumps in with objections or improvements, I'll try to cut 
and upload a release candidate sometime tomorrow (Sunday).


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