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From Robert Burrell Donkin <>
Subject RAT GSOC: [WAS Re: RAT: IHeaderMatcher Design]
Date Sat, 27 Jul 2013 07:42:00 GMT
On 07/13/13 18:52, P. Ottlinger wrote:


> Licences should be data objects.
> What about adding a parserFactory whose default implementation is the
> line based parser and adding a parser to the licence data objects.
> Thus a matcher were to contain a pair of data object/licence and parser.
> This would reduce the amount of duplication since most licences use the
> default parser.


Being able to do this sort of remodelling is one of my motivations for 
proposing our GSoc project. So, I'm keen to get this moving.

Manuel[2] and I[1] are working on the GSOC stuff over at GitHub. Please 
feel free to dive in and comment or fork. Hopefully, we'll be able to 
start offering patches for trunk at Apache once 0.10 is released.

I'm inclined towards factoring out a separate Maven module for our new 
domain objects. If this turns out to be a mistake, we can always combine 
it back in later. Potentially, this will allow legacy stuff to be kept 
around for a while.

Opinions ...?

Objections ...?



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