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From "P. Ottlinger" <>
Subject Re: [GSOC] Rat: Past, Present and Future
Date Mon, 08 Jul 2013 20:10:54 GMT
Dear *,

Am 08.07.2013 21:46, schrieb Robert Burrell Donkin:
> I wonder whether it would be simpler and more conventional to factor out
> three phases:
> 1. scan the source, building a strongly-typed, immutable domain model

Scanning could be done multithreadedly with a status output on console

> 2. analyse this model against policies, building a strongly-typed,
> immutable report model
> 3. use the report to output descriptive text or XML, or errors and warnings

I don't know enough about maven restrictions - but maybe it's possible
to generate a special report that makes it easier to integrate a
rat-check in CI/Jenkins to only see files that are incorrect and the
cause, but not the whole mvn output on console.

> I also think that Rat would benefit from
> * using more conventional dependency injection (see, for example,
> replacing the
> static methods that litter the code
> * immutable domain objects with builders


I would prefer more configuration options to use Rat on projects that
are not Apache2-licensed only. This could be done when all configuration
objects have interfaces and user-specific implementations can be
injected or chosen as defaults.

Apart from the stuff you mentioned I'd prefer to inject the
configuration as well to not pollute pom.xml files with that - currently
it's quite a pain to use the tool since you have to configure rat twice.


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