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From Peter Hartmann <>
Subject Re: PatternSyntaxException when trying rat -E
Date Mon, 08 Apr 2013 19:06:31 GMT
On 07.04.2013 21:09, Jochen Wiedmann wrote:
> Unfortunately, in this particular case, there is no such thing like "Rat",
> but there are
> a) the Rat Maven Plugin (uses Plexus Utils internally, hence Maven style)
> b) the Rat Ant Tasks (uses Ant pattern matcher internally, hence Ant style)
> c) the Rat CLI, which probably uses native Java patterns (dunno)
> My suggestion would be to switch to either Ant, or Maven anyways. (At
> least, I assume that Allura has got a build script.)
We do, but actually it's only there for convenience use with test 
server. Had it not been the case, we probably wouldn't bother as Allura 
is written in a dynamic language and the notion of "building" is kinda 
alien in this world. So I wouldn't count on every project to have build 
script :)

I'll probably resort to writing some simple build script in Ant for the 
moment, but from a user standpoint I would definetly expect for 
commandline to be compatible with pattern files for other "Rat's", as 
you outlined. It is only reasonable to be able to test these patterns 
with Rat c), without having to use an entirely new build system or to 
switch from existing one, which ASF projects are probably accustomed to 
and which may arguably suit their needs better.

Regards, Peter

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