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From "P. Ottlinger" <>
Subject Re: [tentacles] Interfaces and Abstract Classes
Date Tue, 02 Apr 2013 05:18:28 GMT

Am 01.04.2013 10:02, schrieb Robert Burrell Donkin:
> For application code, I think that it more obvious to model an interface
> with an interface. When in this mode, I lean towards prefixing with 'I'
> (rather than suffixing or prefixing implementations with Impl or Default).

I'd definitely prefer the interface way instead of abstract classes.

Instead of I-prefixing I'd have different names like:
interface LicenceCheckable
implementing class LicenceChecker
if you don't like DefaultLicenceChecker.

> I see tentacles as an application, so I lean towards conventional
> application coding style and am less concerned about being able to
> maintain binary compatibility going forward.

To my mind it seems not relevant to remain binary compatible.
Rat/Tentacles is a utility whose API is set by the version a customer is


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