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From Robert Burrell Donkin <>
Subject Re: Question about using Rat and the potential to create "accepted exceptions"
Date Mon, 13 Aug 2012 20:04:21 GMT
On 08/13/12 14:04, Chip Childers wrote:


> I didn't find the exclude function when looking at the command line
> use of Rat, hence I missed the Ant and Maven plugin docs in my
> searching.

The documentation isn't structured very well. Probably time to start 
fixing it...

> CloudStack is still "bootstrapping" here at ASF.  Due to the project
> status, I've been manually working through issues using Rat via the
> command line.
> It looks like it's very easy to use the exclude function via Ant or
> Maven, so I'll head down that path once things get stabilized a bit.

Yes. It's available from the command line but it's a bit of PITA to 
supply a long list of excludes. If people want to use Rat from the 
command line, then supporting a configuration/instruction file might 
make sense - or perhaps even a DSL.


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