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Subject svn commit: r1706065 - /creadur/rat/branches/0.12-release-branch/src/changes/changes.xml
Date Wed, 30 Sep 2015 16:22:33 GMT
Author: sebb
Date: Wed Sep 30 16:22:32 2015
New Revision: 1706065

Merge earlier changes from trunk


Modified: creadur/rat/branches/0.12-release-branch/src/changes/changes.xml
--- creadur/rat/branches/0.12-release-branch/src/changes/changes.xml (original)
+++ creadur/rat/branches/0.12-release-branch/src/changes/changes.xml Wed Sep 30 16:22:32 2015
@@ -177,7 +177,10 @@ The <action> type attribute can be add,u
     <release version="0.10" date="2013-09-05" description=
 "The 0.10 version includes several bug fixes, 
-most notably a fix for 0.9 performance issues.">
+most notably a fix for 0.9 performance issues.
+ * Simpler binary archive
+ * Updated dependencies and plugins
+ * Fixed up generics and annotations">
       <action issue="RAT-137" type="fix">Website shows incorrect Maven goals in some
       <action issue="RAT-128" type="fix">Use the proper name for the Apache License</action>
       <action issue="RAT-138" type="fix">RAT runs very slowly on some input</action>
@@ -217,7 +220,24 @@ most notably a fix for 0.9 performance i
     <release version="0.8-incubating"  date="2011-11-15" description=
 "Version 0.8 improves the command line interface, supports more file
 types when adding license headers and makes it easier to detect custom
+Some website fixes
+The Antlib and Maven plugins now provide simpler ways to detect licenses not directly supported
by Rat.">
+      <action issue="RAT-86" type="bug">CLI doesn't allow adding of licenses unless
a custom stylesheet has been specified</action>
+      <action issue="RAT-87" type="bug">Tests could leave temporary files around.></action>
+      <action issue="RAT-92" type="bug">When adding licenses Rat used \n instead of
the platform dependent line--end character(s)</action>
+      <action issue="RAT-94" type="bug">Streams were not always closed immediately
when adding licenses.</action>
+      <action issue="RAT-79" type="update">Support automatic addition of license headers
to Velocity templates</action>
+      <action issue="RAT-83" type="update">Support automatic addition of license headers
to Scala source files</action>
+      <action issue="RAT-84" type="update">Support automatic addition of license headers
to Ruby source files</action>
+      <action issue="RAT-89" type="update">Support automatic addition of license headers
to Perl, TCL, C++, C# and PHP source files</action>
+      <action issue="RAT-91" type="update">Support automatic addition of license headers
to Groovy source files</action>
+      <action issue="RAT-85" type="update">Allow --addLicense as an alias for --addLicence
for people used to the US spelling.</action>
+      <action issue="RAT-34" type="update">--addLicense will add the license to the
top of Java files without a package line or XML files without an XML declaration now - it
used to not add anything.</action>
+      <action issue="RAT-67" type="update">The XML and standard plain text reports
now contain a timestamp with the time the report has been generated.</action>
+      <action issue="RAT-95" type="update"> When adding licenses Rat will now remove
any BOM from the file.</action>
+      <action issue="RAT-93" type="update">--addLicense now supports more .NET specific
files like MS Visual Studio project and solution files</action>
+      <action issue="RAT-99" type="update">The command line interface has a new option
that specifies a file containing regular expressions for files to exclude</action>
     <release version="0.7-incubating"  date="2013-05-02" description=
 "The following changes have been made in Apache RAT 0.7:

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