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Subject svn commit: r964040 - in /incubator/rat/main/trunk: README.txt RELEASE_NOTES.txt
Date Wed, 14 Jul 2010 13:23:29 GMT
Author: bodewig
Date: Wed Jul 14 13:23:28 2010
New Revision: 964040

split intro into README, add release notes for 0.7

      - copied, changed from r964036, incubator/rat/main/trunk/RELEASE_NOTES.txt

Copied: incubator/rat/main/trunk/README.txt (from r964036, incubator/rat/main/trunk/RELEASE_NOTES.txt)
--- incubator/rat/main/trunk/RELEASE_NOTES.txt (original)
+++ incubator/rat/main/trunk/README.txt Wed Jul 14 13:23:28 2010
@@ -44,75 +44,3 @@ Artifacts
-RAT 0.6
- * Support for TMF header
- * Comprehend PEM, CRL file endings
- * Added reporting capability to recursive rat script
- * Moved to the Incubator@Apache
- * Issues Resolved (see
-  * Bug:
-    * RAT-3 Incorrect alignment of file contents 
-    * RAT-11 Incorrect number of unnapproved licences reported
-    * RAT-12 Incorrect SCM info in maven plugin pom 
-    * RAT-29 NPE on "mvn install" in rat-anttasks
-    * RAT-33 Mailing list subscribe points to unsubscribe
-    * RAT-34 No license header added for java files that do not contain project line
-    * RAT-35 Incorrect number of unapproved licenses reported by rat:check
-    * RAT-36 Report header incorrectly refers to an "L" license marker

-  * Improvement:
-    * RAT-8 [PATCH] add JavaCC to GeneratedLicenseNotRequired 
-    * RAT-9 A more informative website
-    * RAT-10 A few Javadoc comments
-    * RAT-23  More details in text summary
-    * RAT-24 Include checksums on web page
-    * RAT-26 Improve web summary
-    * RAT-27 Index page
-    * RAT-37 List all resources with unapproved licenses at the beginning of the report
-  * New Feature
-    * RAT-6 RAT Source Import    
-  * Task
-    * RAT-28 Repackage maven plugin          
-  * Wish
-    * RAT-1 maven-rat-plugin and ant-rat tasks
-RAT 0.5.1
- * Fixed file closing bug
- * Fixed XML bad character bug
-RAT 0.5
- * Added header matcher for DoJo.
- * Refactoring existing codebase to separate concerns and use 
-   resource pipeline.
- * New header matching library.
-RAT 0.4.1
-RAT 0.4.1 is the first release with distributions. The release was cut
-for this purpose. 
-RAT 0.4.1 Notes
- * Created POM for use with RAT library.
- * Ant task switched to use Xml based report.
-RAT 0.4 Notes
- * Ant tasks added. These allow RAT reports to be run against a wide variety
-   of resources from within Ant.
- * Legacy report is now deprecated. It will be removed before the next release.
- * Created stylesheet for xml reports which produce output similar to the legacy 
-   plain text report. Application now uses the xml report with that stylesheet.
- * Revised xml output format
- * Improve support for binary recognition by adding code that tastes files
-RAT 0.3 Notes
- * This is the last release with the original hacked together plain test report. 
-   The new XML reporting code is present but is not yet the default.
- * RAT 0.3 is the first release with release notes. All previous releases are
-   now consigned to Ancient History. No record of them will be found here.

Modified: incubator/rat/main/trunk/RELEASE_NOTES.txt
--- incubator/rat/main/trunk/RELEASE_NOTES.txt (original)
+++ incubator/rat/main/trunk/RELEASE_NOTES.txt Wed Jul 14 13:23:28 2010
@@ -1,48 +1,20 @@
-                            Release Audit Tool
-                            ==================
-Apache RAT is an effort undergoing incubation at The Apache Software Foundation (ASF), 
-sponsored by the Incubator PMC. Incubation is required of all newly accepted projects 
-until a further review indicates that the infrastructure, communications, and decision 
-making process have stabilized in a manner consistent with other successful ASF projects.
-While incubation status is not necessarily a reflection of the completeness or stability

-of the code, it does indicate that the project has yet to be fully endorsed by the ASF.
-Release Audit Tool (RAT) is a tool to improve accuracy and efficiency when checking
-releases. It is heuristic in nature: making guesses about possible problems. It
-will produce false positives and cannot find every possible issue with a release.
-It's reports require interpretation.
-RAT was developed in response to a need felt in the Apache Incubator to be able to
-review releases for the most common faults less labour intensively. It is therefore
-highly tuned to the Apache style of releases.
-RAT is intended to be self documenting: reports should include introductory material
-describing their function. Building RAT describes how to run RAT. Running RAT 
-describes the options available. These release notes describe the current state of
-A good way to use RAT is to through the source. This allows the code base to be
-easily patched for example to add new generated file matchers. The main jar is 
-runnable and self-documenting. This jar is available as a standard alone binary.
-RAT includes a task library for Ant 1.7. This allows RAT reports to be run against
-a wide variety of resources. See ant-task-examples.xml. To use the Ant tasks, 
-Apache Ant 1.7 is required. See
-For Maven builds, the plugin is recommended.
-In response to demands from project quality tool developers, RAT is available as a 
-library (rat-lib jar) suitable for inclusion in tools. Note that binary compatibility 
-is not gauranteed between 0.x releases. The XML output format is not yet in it's 
-final form and so library users are recommended to either use the supplied 
-stylesheets or keep in close touch with the code.
-RAT is in Incubation at Apache:
+RAT 0.7
+ * some website fixes
+ * Issues Resolved (see
+  * Bug:
+    * RAT-62 Some of RATs own files missing License Headers
+    * RAT-63 ant-task-examples.xml has an wrong uri in the -typedef ant target
+    * RAT-70 Missing closing html tag in generated report by
+  * Improvement:
+    * RAT-30 / RAT-76 Support automatic addition of license headers
+    * RAT-52 Merge In Rat Output Semantics
+    * RAT-56 Commons IO Wildcard Excludes
+    * RAT-65 RAT Pom cleanup
+    * RAT-68 Add support for Python, C, & script files (.bat & .sh)
+    * RAT-72 Keep version in plugins sample doc up to date
+    * RAT-73 / RAT-74 Support for XML output in Ant task and Maven Plugin
+    * RAT-74 / RAT-75 Support for custom XSLT stylesheets
 RAT 0.6

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