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From Joan Touzet <>
Subject couchup, a 1.x->2.x migration tool, needs your testing!
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2017 22:29:02 GMT
Hi everyone!

I'm back with a new tool that I think you'll love, couchup.

Your feedback is really needed this time- please help me test couchup
before we add it to CouchDB!


couchup makes it easy to migrate your CouchDB 1.x databases to CouchDB
2.x by providing useful 4 sub-commands:

    list - lists all CouchDB 1.x databases
    replicate - replicates one or more 1.x databases to CouchDB 2.x
    rebuild - rebuilds one or more CouchDB 2.x views
    delete - deletes one or more CouchDB 1.x databases

The idea is that you'll install CouchDB 2.x, copy the .couch files from
your 1.x installation (or, if you've upgraded in-place, do nothing),
then something like the following:

    $ couchup list           # Shows your unmigrated 1.x databases
    $ couchup replicate -a   # Replicates your 1.x DBs to 2.x
    $ couchup rebuild -a     # Optional; starts rebuilding your views
    $ couchup delete -a      # Deletes your 1.x DBs (careful!)
    $ couchup list           # Should show no remaining databases!

The same process works for moving from a single 1.x node to a cluster of
2.x nodes; the only difference is that you must complete cluster setup
prior to running the couchup commands.

Special Features
* Lots of extra help is available via:

    $ couchup -h
    $ couchup <sub-command> -h

* Various optional arguments provide for admin login/password,
  overriding ports, quiet mode and so on. 

* couchup delete will NOT delete your 1.x DBs unless the contents are
  identical to the replicated 2.x DBs, or you override with the
  -f/--force command (be VERY careful with this!!)

* couchup replicate supports an optional flag, -f/--filter-deleted, to
  filter delete documents during the replication process. This can
  improve the performance and disk-size of your database if it has a lot
  of deleted documents. It is IMPORTANT that no documents be deleted
  from the 1.x database during this process, or those deletions may not
  successfully replicate to the 2.x database. (It's recommended that
  you not access or modify the 1.x database at all during the whole
  couchup process.)

Getting & Installing couchup
First, backup everything. :)

couchup is currently in a Pull Request to be merged with couchdb itself.
You can download a copy from the PR itself:

Click on the "Files changed" tab, then the "View" button, and finally
the "Raw" button. Save to disk. (I'm not directly linking because the
link may have changed by the time you read this.)

Place couchup in the /path/to/couchdb/bin directory, or wherever you
like; it's not picky. Be sure to set the file as executable:

    chmod +x couchup

couchup requires Python 2.7 or later (and has been tested on Python 3.6)
and the Python requests library. It can optionally make use of the
Python progressbar library as well. These can be installed with:

    pip install requests progressbar

For Python 3.x you need the progressbar2 library instead:

    pip install requests progressbar2

Or, install these via binary packages in your friendly Linux/OSX/etc
distributions, e.g.:

    apt-get install python-requests python-progressbar

I have explicitly included support for positively ancient versions of
python-requests (such as those provided by Ubuntu 12.04 and CentOS 6)
by special request.

Testing couchup
1. Copy a bunch of CouchDB 1.x .couch files into the CouchDB 2.x data/
2. Start CouchDB 2.x.
3. Use the 4 couchup commands to list, replicate, rebuild and delete
    the databases as desired.
4. Test your application against the migrated data.
5. Report any bugs on this mailing list, or on the PR directly.

Thanks for reading this far! Here's an ASCII cat for you.

   |\      _,,,---,,_
   /,`.-'`'    -.  ;-;;,_
  |,4-  ) )-,_..;\ (  `'_'
 '---''(_/--'  `-'\_)  Felix Lee

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