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From Stefan du Fresne <>
Subject Explaining "role" admins vs "server" admins
Date Thu, 30 Mar 2017 14:20:41 GMT

So there are two different types of "admin" for a database:
 - actual server admins, who are defined in _config
 - users who have a specific role, and that role has been added to the list of admin roles
for that database

These two different types do not share the same abilities
 - Both allow the user to edit ddocs in normal databases
 - in _users "role admins" can't view all docs
 - in _users "role admins" can create users, but they can't subsequently delete them

I imagine there are more. I presume that if you add a specific user as admin it is similar
to adding a role, but I have not tested.

Is there a canonical list of all these inconsistencies?


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