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From Andreas Owen <>
Subject proper nosql modelling
Date Sat, 10 Dec 2016 10:15:39 GMT
I have read a couple of articles about couchdb and nosql modelling because I’m finally changing
from mysql. Unfortunately I still haven’t been able to answer a couple of questions, maybe
someone can enlighten me.

i have a design document with views,lists,templates that make up an app and i’m using the
builtin web-server. My app works with appointments in calendars where i have to check overlapping
and minimum separation time on so on. that means i’m working a lot with date ranges, durations
and weekNumbers. Appointments can also have linked/nested documents so sometimes i have to
fetch other docTypes with a doc.

- should view only contain _ids or also all the data you want to fetch?

- what do you do about nested Documents, get them in the view or fetch the while rendering
using lists / shows / templates (design doc)? For example calling db.openDoc() in list to
get data of doc or nested doc.

- when i check for overlapping should i use views and then write a js-function to step through
all results and check stuff or is it better to use nQ1-queries (pseudo-sql)? For example:
	appointment2.start >= appointment1.end + minSeperationTime && appointment2.end
<= appointment3.start + minSeperationTime

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