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From Stefan du Fresne <>
Subject Shards per node
Date Tue, 27 Dec 2016 19:21:32 GMT

I’ve been looking into CouchDB 2’s clustering works, and have a question about performance
characteristics of sharding.

As I understand it, when you first configure a cluster you pick the number of shards. Each
node has to have at least one shard on it, and each shard can be duplicated N times, where
N best practice is considered 2-3x. How many shards you have is decided on DB creation time,
and if you need more later (because maxnodes = shards * replicas) you need to replicate into
a new cluster.

I’m wondering if:
 - There is a recommended number of shards to use, or a recommended range to stay in
 - If there is any known performance characteristics that map to how many shards you have.
e.g., how differently would a one node “cluster” perform with 2 shards compared to 16
or even 256. Is there any harm in configuring your cluster with 16 shards say, even if you
aren’t planning on having 16-32 nodes any time soon.

While replicating into a larger cluster is safe, we have a lot (thousands) of PouchDB clients
who would have to re-download the entire changes feed to continue replicating. As these clients
are on spotty / slow / expensive connections, so ideally we’d be able to get the number
of shards right first time.

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